This page is to provide a list of characters noted in the various snippets.

Present/Recent Characters

The "Real" World - San Francisco, CA & East Asia

In theory, these people are walking around on the Earth as you read this. They are those who were owners of before the game began.

AI Characters - ILB Server (San Francisco, CA)

Allegorical Names (mostly from the TheStory The Widow's Journey)

Literal Names

Future Characters

Since most characters not found aboard the Apocalypso have been revealed via a weekly story related to either Jan, Jersey, Kemal or Ronnie, I decided to regroup them relative to the weekly story of each major character.

Characters Aboard the U.S.M.C. Apocalypso

Most of these characters have been discovered via text snippets around the site (Melissa's memories).


Boy Meets Girl

Taxes Suck


The Walk-Away Girl


Thin Kinkle

Big Dog

One Point Oh

Phase 10

Kamal - Stanford, CA

The Arrangement

The Red Button

Chicken Dinner

Watch Your Kneecaps

My Lawyer's Card

Rani - Boston, MA

Grumpy Old Man

Job Applications

My Best Friend's Wedding