Margaret Efendi

The street address leads to a UPS office and the "suite number" is a postal box. Several businesses use that address as a business mailing center.

Margaret runs her own business in Napa Valley, California, making (harvesting?) and selling honey. She has a humble little website with information about her, her business, and honey -- [WWW] Dana, her niece, has been building and running the website. At some point in the recent past, bugs (Ha! Get it? "Bugs!") started appearing on the site--text being inserted in pages, text being inserted in images, and most notably an ominous countdown clock splashed across the front page.

Dana has been trying to fix the problem, as mentioned in her blog ([WWW], but everything she does to fix it becomes reinfected with the same problems.

At the time of this was written, the countdown says:


 Control has been yielded to the

 This medium is classified, and has a

 In 5 days, network throttling will erode.

 In 19 days this medium will metastasize. 


 Make your decisions accordingly.

This Javascript Countdown only apears on Internet Explorer. (Update: the countdown also appears in Firefox, as is now appears to be controlled by CSS)

This indicates "network throttling will erode" on or about Tuesday July 27, the "medium will metastasize" on or about Tuesday August 10th, and something will be "wide awake and physical" on Tuesday August 24 at 6:07am Pacific, each taking place 2 weeks after each other.

As for the text embedded in pages, see EmbeddedText.

If you use WHOIS to look up the domain registration for it has the following information:

[WWW]A poster on slashdot writes (in reference to Dana's address in the WHOIS info): : "I live in San Francisco and used to live at that address. It is the Fox Plaze apartments, a 28 story building and the 8th floors and below are devoted to commercial offices. The lease rates are quite high and most of the offices are filled by affluent companies."

Actually it's not Fox Plaza apartments. Fox Plaza is at 1390 Market St. [WWW]Fox Plaza Apartments. I live a few blocks away so I took a walk down there and 2370 Market is a group of three stores, one of which is a UPS store with mailbox service as pointed out above. I took a few pictures with my cell phone if any one is curious. [WWW]Pictures of 2370 Market St.

[WWW]The UPS Store web site shows the domain registration address as one of their stores.

Calling the phone gets you a voicemail "Hi, this is Dana, please leave a message... blah, blah, blah." (Yes, she actually says that. Recording of [WWW]Dana's Answering Machine) There is momentary laughing in the background. However, on further investigation, the mailbox is full. From this I would assume the address also belongs to Dana. Futhermore if you press * you get a message that allows you to enter a password and mailbox number.

"Margaret Efendi" is not listed in any phone book for San Francisco -- Please do not harass people in the real world just because you find them in the phone book with the same last name. Seriously. The game hands you this one phone number -- because THIS is the ONLY phone number which is "in game".

Network sleuthing

UPDATE: Since we're doing WHOIS queries and speculating on the large amount of Google-related tools Dana uses (gmail, picasa, etc.), we might as well do some more network sleuthing to see where [WWW] is hosted.


;; ANSWER SECTION:      1723    IN      A


OrgID:      RSPC
Address:    112 E. Pecan St.
Address:    Suite 600
City:       San Antonio
StateProv:  TX
PostalCode: 78205
Country:    US


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
13 (  38.897 ms  38.259 ms  38.030 ms
14  * * *
15 (  39.859 ms  37.948 ms  42.503 ms
16 (  39.494 ms  43.744 ms  38.530 ms

So the website is hosted in a Rackspace datacenter in the Washington, D.C. area (hopped off the ALTER.NET backbone at DCA) - not a Microsoft datacenter, like the Bungie and Xbox sites. Not sure what else (if anything) this implies.argaret. * Despite being a retired substitute teacher and a beekeeper, she can afford to send Dana to China as a reward for her 7 years of work. * She's been intentionally misled by Dana into thinking that the odd behavior in her e-mail account is "[WWW]a widespread Hotmail glitch". * Since she has a Hotmail account, she automatically has a MSN Messenger account and could receive instant messages. UserExtrasonic added her to my contacts list (as well as my AIM buddy list) in case she logs on, but the more people who monitor these screen names, the better. (We can't all be on 24/7!) If the account does come online, bear in mind that either Margaret or whatever has hijacked her e-mail account could be on the other end before you start spamming IMs. :)

Other information: * Dana is almost certainly who TheQueen / TheOperator / TheMelissa refers to as TheAssassin. * MargaretEfendiAuntMargaret is Dana's aunt, and runs the honey business. * Dana's mother's name is TheChloe. Her father's name (or the names of any other relatives, for that matter) are unknown. * Dana is about to go (or possibly has already left) to China using a ticket her Aunt Margaret gave her "[WWW]in exchange for 7 years of indentured tech support".

UPDATE: Dana is now almost certainly in China based on her 2nd TheVoicemail message.

SPECULATION: Any connection between the 7 years of tech support that Dana's provided and the 7 years referenced in the KillerJpg "Killer 11" variant? 7 years is how long Margaret has been running her honey business.

Also, please note that hacking Dana's e-mail accounts/voicemail is strictly off-limits.

UPDATE: On Friday August 6, Dana updated her blog. We don't have a page to discuss this yet, just WeblogComments. But she's read our letters, she's read the Princess's Tale ("charming as the butterfly") and she's read Now, I wonder if she'll post a message to the site where the Queen can read it... or hold a poster in front of her webcam, should also do the trick... --UserJellyfishGreen 08:25, 10 Aug 2004 (PDT)

It's also an amusing coincidence that Dana refers to her as "Aunt M", which is reminiscent of Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz. Dana is certainly, as the saying goes, not in Kansas anymore... I doubt that's accidental. We're certainly not in Kansas anymore... --UserKhaim 16:40, 28 Jul 2004 (PDT)

* Aunt Margaret is also the subject of a story by Sir Walter Scott titled [WWW]"My Aunt Margaret's Mirror" --UserMadrox 18:51, 28 Jul 2004 (PDT) --Madrox