This is quite possibly DanaAwbrey, as she is "attacking" the webspace, trying to get her MargaretEfendiAuntMargaret's website back.

Additionally, Dana's weblog [WWW]says that she "ran virus checks" and "finally just wiped the site" to get rid of the [WWW] bugs, to which TheQueen/TheOperator/Melissa apparently replied (as seen in PhaseConversation), "The first thing I remember is her trying to kill me... Only the Spider kept me alive, obviously. Ducking, hiding, grabbing onto any handhold while the purges came down, the overwrites, the re-formatting. Some unbelievably primitive anti-virals, shambling around like dim-witted crocodiles."

Let's also not forget that the webcam images of Dana that were captured and [WWW]freaked her out were named "KillerJpg" by The Queen/The Operator/Melissa.

Really ugly thought over here. Y'know the "innocent bystander" remark floating around? I suspect Dana is that bystander. We've got a delerious computer program convinced she's a murderer, and I suspect that unless this program can be made to understand Dana's predicament, things could get extremely ugly. Especially considering that this is, after all, Halo.

--UserWindrider 18:21, 27 Jul 2004 (PDT)

It's specced that the RED text is a violent AI talking, and the GREEN text is a friendly AI. The green text mentions wanting to protect Dana's "core". These two AIs might be the same AI's split personalities.

--UserCivman 20:36, 27 Jul 2004 (PDT)

More evidence that Melissa sees Dana as an Assassin that must be killed: In Melissa's stream of consciousness, between SPDR maintenance and site purges, she seizes a single point of I/O - the "eyeball", which must be the webcam - "Look up and smile, honey" as she takes a picture of her "killer". "Know thy enemy...Young, and out of uniform, but one of us": young human [in] civilian [attire]. We'd better tell Dana to stop deleting and somehow get Melissa to trust us and call off the hunt.

--UserJellyfishGreen 9:40 28 Jul 2004 (GMT+1) <br><br> Had to correct you, jellyfish_green. "... out of uniform" does not imply that the Operator sees Dana as a civilian. She instead sees her as a young human <i>in</i> civilian <i>attire</i>. It is a notable difference, as it also implies Melissa sees her so-called killer as a person holding military rank. Whether or not this will have some meaning and effect in the long-run has to be seen. - grantakeru, 09:36, 01 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Here's a few thoughts:

Dana is obviously referred to as an Assassin and a Killer (as evidence from the Killer.jpg image). I agree that due to the nature of the word Assassin that Melissa believes Dana holds military rank but wears civilian attire.

On to what I disagree with. I don't believe Melissa understands that Dana is human. After all, she says "but one of us," which infers in my oppinion that Melissa believes Dana/The Assassin/Killer to be a fellow AI. It is agreed that Melissa is an AI, correct?

Another theory: "one of us" most likely applies to AI, but it could also mean non-Covenant too if the Halo theories are to be believed. So then would Melissa believe Dana is an ONI AI that wants to kill her to put the Sleeping Princess in power? Yet another mystery within a mystery within a mystery.

We may just have to wait till the time comes for "wide awake and physical" to say for sure.

--UserZephyr 11:31 02 Aug 2004 (EST)