Dana Awbrey
San Francisco, CA

DanaAwbrey: our friendly helper, who fled to Asia to escape TheOperator in the early stages of the game. Recently returned to the US, ostensibly after receiving threats from Melissa against MargaretEfendiAuntMargaret. Helped "destroy" TheSleepingPrincess in Phase 13. In retrospect she did us all a favor.

Dana's last name is Awbrey, a Welsh corruption of the Norman "Alberic", which by some sources means "supernatural power".

Looking for etymology info for Dana; Probable red herrings, but anyway... From [WWW]baby names: DANA: Variation of Daniel, but also androgynous. In Greek mythology Danae was the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos and the mother of Perseus. - interesting greek links??

Also, from [WWW]feminine names: Dana - Feminine form of Daniel or meaning Queen of the Danes, Daniele/ Danielle. - interesting link back to margaret via the Danes, perhaps?

Farnsworth: I just made what may be an important discovery. Dana's cat Farnsworth may in fact be named after the inventor [WWW]Philo Farnsworth. Several things lead me to believe this. One is that his labratory is only 3.5 miles from Dana's supposed address. Secondly, he is a relatively unknown inventor, but he is credited with inventing the television, which would have influenced the creation of such things as monitors and cameras. The third and probably most important reason I believe they are connected is that the patent he filed for invention of the TV was on September 7, 1927 when he was 21 years old. Coincidentally he also died in 1971 so there are plenty of 7 references in his life and we all know how much Bungie likes the number 7.

Is Dana a flash clone?

I posted this on Haloplanet forum: This is only gonna make sense if you have gone to the ilovebees wiki, and seen the webcam. If you watch the webcam, and read her blog, Dana mentions that they have seen her, and found her. A shot in the dark maybe, but with the refrences to the hushed casket, maybe Dana is Kelly's flash clone, and has changed her name to hide from ONI. For those who have not read the halo books, Kelly is a Spartan, a soldeer who was taken away as a child and trained to be a soldier. ONI created flash clones of the children they abducted, including Dana. I think that Dana may be a flash clone. -Skarclaw.

If I find anything else that has anything to do with the X files I'm gonna get sick...

Is Dana the Sleeping Princess? One thing Ive noticed, if you read the emails coming back from ladybee777, is that The Sleeping Princess friendless and alone And a little further in.. Chapter II. Dana friendless and alone I've been thinking along these lines for a while, but what if Dana and TheSleepingPrincess are the same?

My reasoning: From all the information I've read, it appears to me that the Queen is actually some kind of mechanical creature which is being fixed by some helper creature. It thinks that Dana is attacking it, so it plans revenge on her. Well, one way of getting revenge is to kill; how would you kill Dana?

the queen wishes, The Sleeping Princess, sealed into an airtight container

So the queen (mech) wants to kill Dana (sleeping princess) by sealing her in. Suffocation.

Ive spotted a few other things which point in this direction. So what if this is correct? that leaves the question, who/what is the entity that is handling the ladybee account? because it definitely holds a key somehow. It appears to be an entity that knows the background of the queen, its helpers and a number of entities. I think for now, I'll concentrate on trying to get more out of the ladybee entity. Which, for the record, I dont think is Aunt M :)


Maybe not food for thought, but at least a little kibble.

- Troublecat