Exactly who or what the Princess is remains to be seen. The Princess appears to be able to communicate via the website and email by stitching together fragments of TheEmails received at and sections of text available from the Internet.

Mentions of the Princess so far are as follows (please add more if you know of them):

act | drop
act | drop
act | drop

!probe extern proc 0
crypt strong

!mat extern proc 0
si confidence 78
!triage extern proc 0

The Princess, by name, would be the logical successor to TheQueen.

The Princess may be a backup personality for the AI. She might be an experimental technique to replace personalities that have gone rampant. Halo-universe AI's are expected to have a lifetime of only seven years.

Being preserved Sleeping (inactive) would keep an AI from going rampant or thoghtbound. This could be a way to double the lifetime of an AI, if the first personality gives up the throne willingly. (There may be a fight.) The Flea may be watching out for signs of brain damage or rampancy before it wakes the Princess.

Alternately the Princess could be a second identity that is intended to act as a disguise or a second AI (Trojan Horse?) to be inserted in some (enemy?) computer system.

Note this is speculation -TheJellyfishGreen July 29 10:31 AM (GMT+1)

The Flea isn't friendly!

SPEC- it may be a Covenant virus or other invasive program. The Princess definitely appears to be a backup--she learns to communicate with us after studying our communications (I'm not up on the facts, it looks like SP is on the other end of Aunt Margaret's hotmail account?) much as the Queen learns to communicate with our net protocols. Both love 'cracking codes' like this. It looks like the Princess is a clone of the Queen, frozen (in a glass/silicon coffin/ROM chip?), waiting to supplant her should the need arise. I suspect that *before* the 24th, before everything goes crazy, the Princess will decide she's had enough and move to overthrow the corrupt Queen. All speculation of course. -TheAvarame August 20 11:59 PM (GMT -8)

Note that the speaker of killer.jpg does seem to think the Queen is not fulfilling her purpose - see KillerTranslationsKiller, KillerTranslationsKiller and KillerTranslationsKiller. Whether the speaker is the Princess or the Flea, jellyfish_green's spec about the Princess replacing the Queen may come to pass.

-UserKoi 11:12, 29 Jul 2004 (EDT)

The cryogenics theory

This is just speculation, but I've been reading just about everything Halo related I could get my hands on in the past few hours, and I think that an unmentioned possibility exists for the Sleeping Princess. The trouble is that since I've read so much so quickly, I have no links to the information.

In Halo, the Master Chief wears MJOLNIR armor, which is capable of storing an AI. He is the product of the SPARTAN II program (basically a program to develop supersoldiers).

There is only one other SPARTAN that lived, Linda-058. She was last seen, as far as I can tell, in cryo.

Anyway, the concept of a "sleeping princess", coupled with someone matching Master Chief's abilities in Cryosleep, seemed like a good enough connection to warrant posting. Thoughts?

-KrunkSplein 18:29, 30 Jul 2004 (EDT)

That's the first thing that came to my mind, too. But looking at the computer code and re-examining the Widow's Story, it seems more likely that the Princess is contained within the computer itself, not just connected to it. (Remember that she is in a glass coffin, and glass is made of silicon.) UserTankRamp 07:13, 31 Jul 2004 (PDT)

It does seem that the Princess might be Linda, or some human in cryo at least. As drizjr mentioned, the Princess is described as being in an airtight container- airtight would imply a physical container, as if it was a metaphor for some electronic seal it would probably use a different word. That plus the "wide awake and physical" makes Linda a distinct possibility. --UserKhaim 12:06, 31 Jul 2004 (PDT)

An update to my theory above regarding Linda-058. I'm sure someone else must have noticed this, but the countdown refers to something becoming "wide awake and physical." Who else needs to be woken up other than the Sleeping Princess? Of course, the SPDR is working on the Queen, not the Princess, which would seem to invalidate my little theory, but perhaps the SPDR itself is working against this August 24th deadline (trying to save the Queen before the Princess wakes up to usurp the throne). In regards to the concept of "physical", the Linda-058 Spartan would seem to be the perfect physical specimen, and the only real way for an AI to become in any way physical. As always, these are just some ideas, so feel free to shred them.

-KrunkSplein 12:31, 31 Jul 2004 (EDT)

There's just one small problem with that theory involving Linda-058, and that's that in First Strike, MC recovered the cryo pod that she was in and with some help (from Dr. Halsey, if I remember correctly) revived her and made her a active part of the team again...

I agree that it may have something to do with SOME sort of person in a cryo tube, but I strongly disagree in the possibility of it being Linda-058 --Zanathius 14:19, 31 Jul 2004 (CST)

Honey Cough Medicine


'When cool, put in an airtight container and store in a cool, dark place. and take four to six tablespoons a day.'

On closer inspection, airtight container is mentioned twice on the killer.jpg text. Once, regarding the Sleeping Princess and secondly,in reference to the innocent bystander (who may, or maynot, be the same person).-drizjr

Huh - Honey four times is also mentioned as to the answer to what was "fed her" in the killer.jpg texts (KillerJpg) ... that's pretty distinct connection between the recipes and a dialogue. --UserGunsmithCat 21:05, 2 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Update - People in cyro are fed a mucus-like substance for nourishment (sounds a little like honey to me). Via HalseyTimelineTheory, I'm thinking SP = Kelly089 in a cyropod. --UserGunsmithCat 18:19, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

update also remember the myth of comatas -the goat herder who saw the dance on Mt. Olympus- he sacrificed a goat which upset his master. His master "sealed" him in a chest to die but.. the muses took pity and sent bees to feed him honey through a crack in the chest. When the chest was opened he emerged in perfect health... cryo anyone? --thunderbeast 19:32, 24 Sep 2004 (PDT)

The data chip theory

In the novel "Halo: the Flood", when Cortana is downloaded to Master Chief's armour, she is very briefly in something described as a "data chip". We know from SPDR that the Sleeping Princess is in a silicon-based medium: perhaps the Princess is another AI in an encrypted data chip?

-- UserClamatius 20:46, 1 Aug 2004 (PDT)

The Covenant AI Theory

This is a pretty obscure stretch, but [WWW]an old (and humorous) screen in Marathon 2 includes a Sleeping Beauty portion which is really a reference to a cyborg and an AI:

"SLEEPING BEAUTY. Long-deactivated extraterrestrial personality construct in search of gullible carbon-based cyborg (<20% machine) to confuse, irritate and teleport randomly around an abandoned desert planet in the core. All answered. MRa268' (5/30)."

OK, it's Marathon - not Halo, and I think the Linda lead sounds like a dead end, but Bungie does seem to have a tendency to repeat certain patterns. (shakes head on re-reead ... but these screens were mock personal ads. So the "Sleeping Beauty" is not a cyborg, but an alien AI. Any chance Sleeping Princess is a Covenant AI?

Yeah, that's too much of a stretch :) --UserGunsmithCat 18:19, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

--UserGunsmithCat 11:57, 2 Aug 2004 (PDT)

I believe I found a rather strong connection to "the sleeping princess" and the master chief from Halo. In the second book of the Halo series, the master chief is in cryostasis. The techs need a code to wake hime up so they ask the AI Cortana and she gives them this passphrase:


If you remember, the one line in the Assembled Story about the sleeping princess went like this: "The Sleeping Princess lay in a chamber of the dungeon in a coffin of glass where the Widow could not hear her breathing."

I see a correlation between the coffin of glass and the passphrase using the terminology "Casket" which is pretty much interchangeable with coffin. Also it says the widow could not hear her breathing and the passphrase terminology is the "Hushed Casket". I also thought about the gender in the story being female and the master chief beeing male but there have been other instances I've read on here where the clues have switched genders. One in particular was in the Mayday text. It was a quote from the tempest that replaced "her" with "him". What do you guys think?

Is the Princess the Entity?

This is all speculation but I'm pretty much convinced that the Sleeping Princess is the Entity that has been communicating with us via the killer.jpg embedded text and now email. I'll explain my reasoning:

  1. Recall that someone told the Entity via email to use (?) when asking questions. Note that the PhaseEmailsFromLadybee story uses (?). That's a high probability that the author of the Dana Story written in the email is our friendly neighborhood Entity. It clearly says that the author is the Sleeping Princess, so put two and two together: Entity = Princess.

  2. To quote Killer.jpg 2, "I am some kid who wants to get noticed, very clever an instigator an innocent bystander stored in an airtight container in the deepest and darkest Sleeping casket in a chamber of the dungeon. Do you understand this? Whatever you are?>". Sure nothing is clear cut, but an airtight container points to the Princess. Some would say the Flea could also have climbed in but it says "stored in an airtight container." I speculate that the Entity means it is stuck in the container, or casket as it is known in The Widow's Story.

  3. Now this is pretty foggy but note that the Entity capitalized the word sleeping in the above quote. Does "Sleeping" suggest the Princess as the writer. Maybe, maybe not, but it's something.

    4.Quote from the Entity's most recent email:

"the "pious flea" and "sleeping princess" (?)
MARK but this flea, and mark in this
donČ??t like it
I can't help it
a proper fool
a bad banana
unimaginable filth and stench; and disease
he can't write his name or read a book
I read, much of the night

So the author doesn't like ThePiousFlea. Which means the Sleeping Princess doesn't like the Flea. Superbly interesting. Now this is even better: the Flea can't read a book. So how, if it was The Entity, could it quote all those passages from famous novels? Not to mention the Flea's name is written in the killer.jpg writings - which means the Flea couldn't possibly have wrote them. So that leaves Miss Stuck in a Casket herself - the lovely Sleeping Princess.

So the Princess is the Entity?! Sure seems that way doesn't it. Some people may disagree with me but I'm nearly 100% confident that the Entity is The Sleeping Princess. Any comments? -UserZephyr 21:22, 03 Aug 2004 (EST)

It would fit.

Then we have a Queen being tended by a Spider she doesn't like and a Princess being tended by a Flea she doesn't like. --UserKender 23:28, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Wait... The Spider talks about the Queen, but do we actually ever hear the Queen speak? Maybe the Spider thinks the Princess is the Queen, and the Princess thinks the Flea is the Spider. -mindule


OK, while piecing together the HalseyTimelineTheory, I've come to be nearly completely convinced that the Sleeping Princess refers to Kelly-089, a SPARTAN that Dr. Halsey abducted (by inducing sleep) and then left the Reach with on an ONI Stealth Ship (probably one disguised as a private yacht, since they all seem to be). I can't confirm the identity - but the following suggests that it is a SPARTAN in cyro:

--UserGunsmithCat 11:18, 5 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Is the Princess an ancient AI?

As a marathon fan, I have to lean towards the Princess being an ancient (Forerunner) AI (it's very Bungie-esque). This would put the Flea as Covenant "dumb" AI gathering info from TheQueen to give to the Princess. This information can then be retireved later by the Covenant.

Follow me through this:

The Covenant find an Forerunner AI and use as a tool. They could never create one this powerful by themselves and make a smaller AI to control (use) it. The Forerunner AI is contained in the dense gray cylinder covered in an unknown language (that of the Forerunners, she doesnt know english after all).

Melissa has already intercepted and decrypted a covenant transmission. This transmission contains the Covenant "dumb" AI (ThePiousFlea, it's proven itself hard to detect).

At this point the Covenant are ready to attack. They hit (destroy?) the ship with some weapon (EMP?) that all but destroys Melissa. However there are survivors. SPDR survives, obviously. The Manticore survives. The Flea also survives. THE PRINCESS SURVIVES; being protected in her dense metal (osmium?) "coffin", she could withstand the attack.

Now TheSPDR gets to work, repairing Melissa. The Flea waits until the resurrection and then starts obtaining memories (searching for the location of Earth?). The Flea reports her findings back the Princess (mmm honey..).

In the Flea's encounters with TheSPDR, we know it can imitate programs. It tricks melissa into deleting TheSPDR and then takes its places. It now has free reign over Melissa.

I think the majority of this can be supported by the evidence in this site. The only major SPEC I can see is how the Flea is intruduced into the story. I understand this is only one way to interperet things... but I feel this way best segues into Halo 2. --UserEmb

UserEmb, your theory is also held up by the new 404 error page, where the Sleeping Princess says she is older than both Melissa and the Flea. As to where the flea came from, it is almost certainly the "virus" Melissa felt before, in one of her monologues. The only thing I disagree on, based on what we now know, is that the Flea and the SP are not associated in any way (due to the less-than-friendly conversations between the two). --Mr. Munchy

The fact that the Flea can't analyse the Princess, and keeps trying to also implies that the two aren't compatible - backed up as well by the "foreign languages" remark from the Princess in the Gretel.html dialogue. --aniki


Surely the Princess is the dreaming Durga, as hinted at very strongly in week9_subect1.wav . This is the transtemporal connection between Durga and Melissa. Don't ask me how it came about but erhaps it's something to do with the Artifact that Standish is holding ... ?

The Sleeping Princess is Melissa

Well, we now know that the Sleeping princess in Melissa. Check the 404 page for more detail. --DHalo