This is a suggested timeline based on what I've been tracking and speculating. It basically assumes that the ilovebees incident is the result of Dr. Halsey's actions at the end of First Strike. Note: I haven't finished either Marathon or Halo, or read the books directly - so the chances that all the reading I've been doing lately to catch up has some kind of error is like 99%. That said, I'll link up all the references I can as soon as I flush this out.

Clearly much of this is speculation. --UserGunsmithCat 08:52, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Halsey Timeline

This timeline is considered false at the moment, quoting The Ouroboros from unfiction:

The ship used by Halsey was an old Chiroptera-class stealth ship. The model was decomissioned long before Reach. And it was a very small craft that had been in the personal possession of a rebel leader for decades. It was also clearly described as bat-like,and obviously design for stealth.

Which invalidates one of the two lynchpins (that the person in cryo is a SPARTAN and that Halsey steals an ONI stealth yacht).

Leave it her just for speculation and some Halo reference.

Pre 2552:

ONI Stealth Ship [WWW]Applebee constructed. Melissa AI serves as TheOperator - an espionage based AI capable of infilitration, detection and apparently other covert ops. ONITechKowalski flirts with Arrelts while discussing the new AI.


Troy is glassed during the [WWW]fall of the inner colonies. The Applebee has advance warning of this, but the MilitaryConversation by not alerting Troy of their impending doom. If Melissa is either based on [WWW]Dr. Halsey (like [WWW]Cortana) or has similar predilictions to her, this experience of sacrificing for the greater good may be very valuable/precious.


[WWW]The Fall of Reach, the destruction of [WWW]Halo O4, and the subsequent First Strike occurs. At the [WWW]CASTLE base, Dr. Halsey discovers that there are Forerunner ruins and the reason why the Covenant didn't glass Reach - the Holy Light, a crystal relic of immense importance to the Covenant. Halsey also discovers something strange concerning the file of the SPARTAN DNA, and kidnaps Kelly-087 by putting her to sleep.

At the end of First Strike, Halsey steals away in the Applebee and places Kelly-087 into cryo. She begins to flee for Earth, believing that the stealth ship is able to evade the Covenant. Unknown to her and Melissa, there is already a Covenant AI aboard the ship to perform counter-espionage.

Believing she holds the Holy Light (or angry over it's destruction), the Covenant pursue Halsey back to our galaxy where she comes under attack. An accident occurs with <strike>the Holy Light</strike> a Forerunner crystal or similar technology and the ship is destroyed. Kelly-087 is jettisoned in a cryo chamber. Halsey escapes in a [WWW]Bumblee lifepod and Melissa attempts to upload herself to a nearby network. Due to the time/space warping principles of the Forerunner crystal some aspects are sent back to...


Melissa awakens in home computer network in this age. As the SPDR tries to reconstruct her, Dana Awbry is busy trying to delete - an action which Melissa mistakes as violent. Her only memories at this point of being deleted and she assumes Dana is out to get her. SPDR puts up a message to warn Dana that there is a growing entity on her computer. It tries to re-assemble and feed Melissa important memories so that she can remember who she is, so that she can survive, evade, escape, etc.

Meanwhile, the Covenant AI has been brought back as well - as has Kelly-087's cryopod. All interconnected through Melissa (the Flea has infested her, Kelly-087's pod status would be driven by her), they're interjoined in trying to figure out where they are and who can help them.


*Applebee is Melissa's ship. - The Applebee is a ONI stealth ship disguised as a pleasure yacht, just as Melissa describes her ship. Melissa has an etymology to bees, so her name is fitting for the Applebee.

*Troy is glassed prior to First Strike. - I have no solid evidence, but feel it fits the timeline of Halo better than after. Since there is an established period of time where the Covenant are raiding/glassing colonies, Occam's Razor would seem to cut it that way - but it's admittedly close. I also think it makes more sense for SPDR to be trying to find pertinent early memories to rebuild Melissa. And I've heard it mentioned offhandedly in various forums that Troy is referenced in the books as being destroyed.

*Applebee was present at the CASTLE base. - If you accept the Applebee/Melissa connection, then the many references to forte, Reach and castle in Melissa's messages and the Widows tale may well refer to the CASTLE base on Reach.

*Applebee is the ship Halsey steals Kelly-087 away in. - Well, if you accept the above then this is mostly just statistically probably. ONI stealthers aren't exactly a dime a dozen, so if Applebee is at CASTLE, it's probably the one Halsey took.

*Kelly-087 is placed in a cyropod. - Halsey drugged Kelly-087 to get her onboard, placing her into cyrogenics would sure be a way to keep a (clearly physically superior) hostage sedated.

*There is a Covenant AI aboard the Applebee. - Speculative. It offers an explanation to "what went wrong" aboard the Applebee. It fits how the Flea is described, and counter-espionage certainly seems to be what the Flea is good at.

*The Applebee shipwrecks or is destroyed. - Melissa more or less tells us outright.

*A cyropod and Bumblebee lifepod are jettisoned. - These would be normal actions prior to the ship crashing or being destroyed.

*Forerunner technology jumps parts of the crash to our time. - No evidence, but is only explanation currently available to explain time warping in Halo.

*Melissa is the entity called the Queen/Operator. - Generally accepted. She fits the role in the stories, etc.

*SPDR is feeding Melissa her old memories to reconstruct her. - Since we can assume from her monologue that she is a smart AI, Melissa clearly has a personality as well as functions. The SPDR, remember, isn't really aware of the situation - it's just a dumb AI programmed to put her back together. Reconstructing old memories seems like a logical way of doing this, prior to trying to put her back into full operation.

*Kelly-087 is the entity called the Sleeping Princess. - Fits many of the allusions. Coffin, hushed, sleeping. Correct gender for Princess. References to honey may allude to the mucus-like nutrients people are fed in cyro to stay alive. This also fits [WWW]the Comatas myth on ILB perfectly. Other references that support this - the Hushed Casket (from waking MC) or "where the Widow could not hear her breathing" (in space, nobody hears you breath) support this.' Fits the semi-antagonistic relationship with the Queen (cohots with her captor) and the Flea (alien). Her need to use mordern literature/songs to base her messages seems weird - but remember, she is still frozen ... it might just be that she can only talk in broken messages via Melissa's ability to search the internet.

*The Flea is a Covenant AI. - If the SP is the one embedding text into images and emails, then the Flea's role is a bit odd. There are mentions to a Stowaway that the Flea would fit. It's purpose certainly seems to observe without being caught or detected. Perhaps it's not Covenant, but it sure seems to resemble the SPDR and doesn't seem to have the other's goodwill in mind.


*I've also added a [WWW]forum thread at unfiction for any ARGers wishing to discuss it there.

Good theory over all, but Halsey didn't have the Holy Light crystal when she ran with Kelly-087 in tow... before she left, she gave the Holy Light to Corporal Locklear to keep safe or get rid of, one of the two...he chose the latter by packing the crystal in a ball of C-7 foam based explosive, and ended himself in the process of trying to get rid of it... I also re-read through that entire section of First Strike again to double check and it never says anything about what the actual range of the crystal is as to how far away it can be and still affect Slipspace travel, but with that in mind it is also a possibility, given that it also never says whether the crystal reacted to Halsey's jump to Slipspace...

Also, I was never able to find an actual name for the ship that Halsey took...I wouldn't doubt that it could be the Applebee at that point... it was simply described as a Chiroptera-class vessel, of the type that ONI had supposedly decomissioned, but that Halsey still knew the override codes for the systems lockout so she could use it to make a jump to Slipspace, much to the surprise of the rest of the group she had previously been with...

just more stuf to think about...

--Zanathius 11:27, 4 Aug 2004 (CST)

Thank you - I had been trying to get a confirmation as to what happened to the Holy Light. That was one aspect I didn't think was sound. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that some kind of Forerunner crystal was involved, since it seems to be the only Halo element capable of warping time to bring things to our "world". I updated the theory to not involve the HL in Halsey's run.

As for the Applebee being the ship - I couldn't find confirmation of that either. I had read in a couple of places that it was a stealth ship, and the Applebee seemed to fit because of a) the bee reference, alongside the Bumblebee lifepod, explains a potential reason why ILB was nominated as Melissa's new home and b) it's an ONI stealther disguised as a yacht that hasn't been reported destroyed or decommissioned.

The fact that Troy fell early in Melissa's "life" is also speculative - I've read a couple of times of people mentioning that Troy was destroyed prior to the events at Halo & Reach, but I can't get a solid confirmation there either. I do think it fits the overall Halo timeline however. I mean, the Convenant know the location of Earth, Reach has fallen, etc. - they don't seem the type to waste their time on more colonies at this point. Seems more likely it fell with the other colonies (and frees the timeline up directly prior to the shipwreck).

The whereabouts of Halsey, and to an extent Kelly-087, also don't sit quite right, but I'm still poking at those.

--UserGunsmithCat 09:42, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

One extremely minor correction - the Covenant *does* acquire small fragments of the destroyed Holy Light, but most of it was lost in Slipspace. I know, odds are it matters not, but you never know.

--UserScumbag 01:09, 6 Aug 2004 (CDT)

Thanks - it very well might. There doesn't seem to be many clues about the accident -itself-, so any information concerning time travel, artifacts, the Holy Light, etc. may come in handy. I'm leaving that section as is for now, but I'm sure as we get more clues it's going to change. --UserGunsmithCat 11:50, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)