Most information on the Operator's identity can be found with TheQueen.

The first communications (Phase 1) have been compiled in MaydayText.

Phase 2 communications have been compiled in TheOperatorsMonologue.

Her memory of TheCastaway suggests her name is Melissa.

Halo AI's are intended to run on some sort of advanced data crystal. We can tell the Operator is in unfamiliar territory on Dana's computer as she speaks of "a head full of sand" (silicon-based chips) and copper and fibre-optic connections - "What's next, tin cans and twine?" In fact, it's amazing she can run at all - talk about adaptability! One wonders how much of her memory was lost due to Dana's purges, and how much simply didn't fit into storage less than a terabyte. (Could the Princess have survived intact? She did in the TheStory.)

I keep meaning to post this since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, so in case anyone has any doubts that a) The Operator is a part of Halo mythology, b) she is on the human side of the conflict, and c) she is a shipboard AI, consider this reference in TheOperatorsMonologue that gets spewed out during a memory test:

"drift off from station, Reach burning in the darkness like a lantern of hope, dockyard after dockyard buzzing with worker /// drones, someone crawling over the back doing detail work on the hull, the warm touch of a welding torch like little licks from a cat's tongue and"

The Operator clearly refers to being in space ("drift off from station"), seeing a place called Reach in the background ("Reach burning in the darkness"), thinking of Reach fondly ("like a lantern of hope"), some sort of naval installation ("dockyard after dockyard"), and actually feeling the work being done to a starship ("the warm touch of a welding torch").

From [WWW]The Library:<br/><br/> "Located in the Epsilon Eridani star system, Reach is the headquarters for the UNSC, and the main supplier of military spacecraft. ONI's CASTLE Base is located on Reach underneath the Menachite Mountain range. This facility is where the Spartans first began their training. The facility was destroyed after the planet's fall to the Covenant. A secret area beneath Reach's surface contained a Forerunner artifact that was highly desired by the Covenant. The fact that this artifact was so valuable to them is perhaps the main reason anyone survived Reach at all, because the Covenant were fearful of destroying it.

Reach was defended by more than a hundred UNSC ships, including the UNSC's flagship Leviathan, the Hannibal, and the Pillar of Autumn. In addition to the fleet, Reach was defended by 20 Mark V Orbital MAC satellites. Though the defenses was enormous, they couldn't hold back the Covenant onslaught." <br/><br/>--UserExtrasonic 04:54, 31 Jul 2004 (PDT)