The Manticore appears briefly in the TheStory created by piecing together the snippets of text found in the CorruptedImageText on [WWW] It attempts to bar TheWidow from entering the Inner Keep to restore TheQueen, but the Widow slays it with her knife.

The Manticore is believed to be an allegory for a damaged process that TheSPDR eliminates in the course of trying to repair TheOperator, as evidenced in the following bits of ComputerText:

<code>surg:<br> !triage sec proc 4<br> dmg unk<br><br> grope:<br> !hndshk sec proc 4<br> fail msg: unk proc<br><br> surg:<br> !kill sec proc 4<br> kill confidence 100<br> !diag primary sector<br> clear</code>

Manticore is from the old Person for "man-eater". There is a growing theme of man vs woman or male vs. female in this game. Female spiders (notably black widows) and other insects are known to eat their mates. Men are referred to as "fleas".