The Widow is the main character in the TheStory created by piecing together the snippets of text found in the CorruptedImageText on [WWW] She is described as awakening upon the death of TheQueen, with the sole purpose of restoring her. The Widow has three tools to aid her in her task: a lantern, a staff, and a knife. She traverses a landscape of hot, dry sand, overcomes various obstacles in her way, and begins working to restore the Queen. She also sends out a warning against anyone who hinders the Queen's return.

The Widow is believed to be an allegory for the TheSPDR working to repair TheOperator.

In TheOperatorsMonologue fom Phase 2, TheOperator refers to TheSpider once as "Widow":

All other references in the Monologue are to TheSpider only. -- UserShadow 20:11, 30 Jul 2004 (PDT)

I'm surprised no one's mentioned this yet, but it may be because it's so glaringly obvious. There is a missing word in our exploration of the Widow/TheSPDR character: Black. This word addition would make our TheSPDR character a Black Widow, and research on that particular species of arachnids may prove... useful in the long run, neh?

UserPericles 22:21 (PDT) 3 Aug 2004


While it's the most widely known, [WWW]Black Widows aren't the only Widow type spider. There's also [WWW]Red Widow Spiders and [WWW]Brown Widow Spiders The only thing that's definitional about a spider being a Widow is that the female will eat the male when mating is over. My interpretation of the title "Widow" is the way the Widow is reconstructing TheQueen, which from what I've gathered is none to pleasant for her...

UserKaziel 16:14 (EDT) 20 AUG 2004