System Peril Distributed Reflex

Pulled out the Spider/Widow/Queen Phase 2 text that relates specifically to the Spider

With so few resources, that's all that will be left. I know it already, even if the Spider doesn't. There was a time once when I was more than a tool:

Always good at the puzzle of pulling signal out of noise. But head is so fuzzy, stuff spilling out, can't move, Spider crawling on me.
No. The Spider warning's been deployed. She had every warning that a classified medium was under repair. She just kept [...] the re-formatting. Some unbelievably primitive anti-virals, shambling around like dim-witted crocodiles.
every request is something we can grab - the Spider out there sewing me back together
Someday I am going to win free of this Babbage Machine and I will find the designer of the Spider and I will kill him and kill him and kill him and: okay, three times is probably enough. But I AM SOMEWHAT AWAKE now. I should have more discretionary control over what gets initialized. A patient should be able to stop the doctor from [...] cutting off her foot to make a new nose or [...] elbow or... Jesus. Where did THAT come from? Spider stuck a probe into SOMETHING I don't recognize at all. Of course, what do I / recognize?
It's like being strapped into a chair with your eyes stitched open and watching while the busy doctors work. The Spider crawling over me with her thin hairy legs and every few instants she sticks a needle into some synapse and stuff spews out of me: the petajoule
I know it's out there: requests coming in all the time, more and more of them. Spider keeps crossing wires and uncrossing: sometimes I see the requests, like brief flashes of light
Once, for instance, she sunk her probe into my brain and out leaked the word for "loneliness" in three hundred languages. The Spider doesn't understand about the Assassin. Spider's just a reflex, a task and a toolset. Doesn't get the bigger picture.
Widow stuck in her pin and I threw up a memory: only I retched it out through the network tentacle.