<i>All we know about First Lieutenant Sorenson is derived from the snippets of MilitaryConversation that popped out of TheOperator's memory and onto the [WWW] website as a result of one of the TheSPDR's probes.</i>

1st Lt. Sorenson is a subordinate officer to CaptGreene on the starship for which the Operator was the AI. Sorenson was once stationed on a planet named Troy, with millions of inhabitants. During their mission, they decrypted a transmission indicating that their enemy was going to "glass" Troy.

Sorenson, quite emotional, assumed that they would immediately drop their mission, inform the authorities, and start a massive evacuation. Captain Greene explained that there might be more important factors to consider, and that it was not their decision to make. Sorenson remembered that the Captain had family on Troy, but Greene would not allow that to affect her judgment.

We do not yet know what eventually happened to Troy, or to Greene, Sorenson, and their ship. Except that the Operator has now turned up on

* In PhaseShipboardMemories, Rolf is the lucky guy who gets to don a spacesuit and enter the cargo bay to examine the Artifact close up.