All we know about McKaskill is drawn from TheQueen's memory that TheSleepingPrincess gave us in her PhaseEmailsFromLadybee.

McKaskill was a nice kid, family from Durban, on the outer colony world of Biko, which had been glassed years ago. But he'd grown up in refugee apartments in the inner colonies and he had the look of someone who spent his childhood in concrete places under artificial lights. -- from 8/13 e-mail.

McKaskill is male, and young. TheMelissa, who likes him, catches him trying to send a slipstream message -- without clearance -- to someone (an OldMan) who apparently was once on the ship but is no longer there. The message relates to the mysterious cylinder artifact from Melissa's PhaseShipboardMemories. Melissa does not turn in McKaskill, in exchange for which he tells her that he thinks the man to whom he tried to send the message is from the Office of Naval Intelligence (TheONI).