December 9th

November 30th

November 20th

November 19th

November 16th

November 9

November 7

November 5

November 4
Today's Axons:
ContactMeAxons: cell_block, little_bottle, colonel_herzog, faked, i_love_you, draft_board, some_other_kid, thanks_for_coming, slinky_red_dress, the_operator, trojan_horse, shipwrecked, red_balloons, a_second_crew, good_little_girl, a_little_sting, the_clockwork_rat, nothing_to_forgive, about_yasmine, monster, to_survive, the_ones_you_can, clear_liquids, root_beer, sixteen_of_us, very_persuasive, dead_level, old_mombasa, poor_coral, fiancee, hiro, can_of_soup, grandbaby_names, long_long_time, with_a_fork, cash_flow_situation, tease_the_boy, covenant, section_zero, in_my_purse, black_suit, no_strafing, proposition, everyone_gone,and the end?!?!? be_with_me
Contact Me Completed.

November 2

Oct 31

Today's Axons:
Recipe8Axons: badges_please, firewall, packet_monkeys, encryption_augment, roomy_fast_cold, building_forty_one, treason, security_sweep, argon, a_soldier_now, the_hero_type, suffocate, lockdown_lab, homing_signal, acceptable_casualties, airlock, top_hats_or_dice, grenade, crashing_planes, she_took_a_bullet, blood, stay_with_me, quit_smoking, shocky, module_core_hemmorrhage, wide_awake_and_physical, foaming_with_spiders, spaghetti, zero_motor_function, bug_out, access_violation, make_your_decisions, with_a_tank, my crew, and lastly?!?!? dog_catcher

Oct 29

Oct 28

Oct 27

Today's Axons:
Recipe7Axons: new_jersey, huge_black_letters, cattle_prod, catfight
Recipe 7 Completed

Oct 26

Today's Axons:
Recipe7Axons: eye_chart, more_dangerous, needles, go_home, all_for_patriotism, the_truth, who_the_hell, bake_cookies, stop_it_you_two, targeting_scope, are_you_in, flatline, a_soldier, a_plan, a_place_called_dirt, war_effort, pizza_delivery_guy, but_not_likely, hair_on_fire, the_doctor, another_chance, brainwash, touchy_subject, kamal_meet_durga, space_is_big, some_people, real_he_man, itchy, liquid_plyboard, frumpy, bedside_manner, garter_belt, store_windows, always_thinking, dinkwit, brave, hapless_guy, i_never_do

Oct 22

Oct 21

Today's Axons:
Recipe6Axons: real_trusting

Oct 20

Today's Axons:
Recipe6Axons: burned_out_apartment, in_cold_water, crystal_security

Oct 19

Today's Axons:
Recipe6Axons: all_aboard, save_your_prayers, tooth_fairy, one_two_four, wait_outside, big_stone_building, babysitter, offline, only_seven, had_to_tell_you, this_prisoner_thing, refuse_girl, immigration, intercom, packbus, lucky_guess, run_with_scissors, twenty_minutes, dreams, pretty_sure, sick_cat, tadpoles, kill_zone, that_dress, the_nice_grenades, arguing_about_grenades, the_devil, proud, good_for_nothing, going_down, bedtime

Oct 18

Oct 16

Oct 15

Oct 14

Oct 13

Today's axons:
Recipe5Axons COMPLETE

Oct 12

Today's axons:
Recipe5Axons: going_offline, not_coming, deported, go_ninja, genetic_profile, one_point_one, ashtray, sweet_as_sweet, parabolic_lemonade_failure, black_three_sugars, free_cemetery, they_got_it, dispenser, abracadabra, she_died, yes_please

Oct 11

Oct 08

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: moles, you_alive, transfer

Oct 06

Today's axons:
Recipe4Axons: thin_kinkles_playhouse

Oct 05

Today's axons:
Recipe4Axons: like_vampires, meet_the_teacher, wave_and_smile, five_guys, barge_in, fencepost, cupids_knife, gotta_talk, taste_the_soy, this_new_voice, love_me_yet, torturing_jan, justice, i_never_came, hey_toots, bigger_dog, drop_the_floor, yasmine, broken_angel, beg_for_death, flash_clones, shhh_baby

Oct 03

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: dangerous_devices

Oct 1

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: assassin, my_conscience, termination

Sept 29

Today's axons:
Recipe2Axons: top_hat

Sept 28

Today's axons:
Recipe2Axons: you_owe_me (Gilada, Lt.), mad_face (Tom Bridge, CPO), a_zero (Trynian, Maj), stormy_weather (aliendial Cmdr.), again (Adam, Lt.), it_never_snows, good_grief, ice_cream, black_taxi, flu, idaho, useful, merry_go_round, on_your_hands, passenger_side, sharp_little_needle, daddy_left, so_sad, enough_roughage, hopscotch, barley_a_marriage, everyone_knows

27th September

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: english_longbow

24th September

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: cranky_old_man, wetwork, a_schoolgirl

22nd September

Today's axons:
Recipe1AxonContent: unwelcome_visitors_lounge, not_for_me, dream_child, one_point_oh, the_glassworks, crates_and_a_dolly
TheComatasAxons: drink_the_beer

21st September

Today's axons:
Recipe1AxonContent: stockpile, camouflage, on_reach (Col. xnbomb), cochlear_tuning, duty (Cmdr. Mike Was), brain_ninjas (Sgt. Man-Alive), payday, not_anymore, card_counters, taupe_sir, just_a_joke, housekeeping, shut_you_off (Lt. weephun), common_good (Mstr. Chf. Chappy), by_accident (Lt. Cmdr. Shad0), funnest_fieldtrips, chain_oil, stretch_em, bang
Axon Countdown: 0

20th September

Today's axons:
TheComatasAxons: alaska

19th September

Today's axons:
TheComatasAxons: big_gloves
NewRecipe3Axons: calculus

18th September

Today's axons:
TheComatasAxons: hey_bev

17th September

17th September
Today's axons:
TheComatasAxons: just_snacks, dark_genius

16th September

Today's axons:
TheComatasAxons: such_pigs, big_dog, her_hair, optical, uvular_implants, slingbacks, posture_counts, refreshingly_cool, cheerleaders, clearly_a_glitch
EvenMoreNewAxons: thin_kinkle
Even More New Axons COMPLETE

15th September

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: standish
TheComatasAxons: so_dense, hard_bargain, wee_wee_wee, ballet, twenty_percent, box_of_chocolates

14th September

Today's axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: surgery, zip_your_shirt
TheComatasAxons: apartment_squirrels, your_first_mistake, mr_congeniality, knee_caps, i_looked_it_up, in_each_pit, thermostat

* Sound files from [WWW]recipe3.html and [WWW]fable.html that did not go hot last week can still be activated. --Rofreg

13th September

Today's axons:

12th September

Today's axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: winning, i_durga

11th September

Today's axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: insurrection, taxes_suck, raffle, its_a_chicken, break_em, butter_flavored
NewRecipe3Axons: alt_burgundy

10th September

Today's Axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: domestic_skills
NewRecipe3Axons: harmony, artifact

9th September

Today's axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: ground_light, would_that_help, s_typhi, your_fault

8th September

Today's axons:
EvenMoreNewAxons: very_lucky, tweaked_up, skin, unstoppable, smarter, run_for_cover, drink_special, kiss_them, never_right_again, something_i_carry

7th September

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: candidate
EvenMoreNewAxons: retirement, surgeon_general, kiss
New Recipe 3 Axons COMPLETE

5th September

4th September

Today's axons:
NewRecipe3Axons: key_lime
TheNewAxons: visa
The New Axons COMPLETE

3rd September

Today's axons:
TheNewAxons: real, code_word

2nd September

Today's axons:
TheNewAxons: about sixteen. Can someone fill this in for me?

1st September

Today's axons:
TheNewAxons: lots of 'em. Can someone fill this in for me?

31st August

Today's axons:
TheNewAxons: the_human_heart, standard_procedure, red, asset, pony_tail, creamsicle, creepy


Today's axons:
TheSleepingPrincessGpsLocations: hello
The Sleeping Princess GPS Locations COMPLETE


Today's axons:
TheSleepingPrincessGpsLocations: troy


Today's axons:
TheSleepingPrincessGpsLocations: receipt, goodbye


Today's axons:
TheAxonPlot: unknown
The Axon Plot COMPLETE


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