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A military spacecraft1 from the Halo universe has crashed2 on Earth. All the crew are apparently dead.3 The AI controlling the craft, called the Operator4 and informally known as Melissa,5 is being repaired by an autonomous AI task6 which it calls a Spider.7 It doesn't find the experience very pleasant.8 The Operator was very badly damaged and spent a while in delirium, not knowing where it is.9

In the initial stage, the Operator apparently managed to transfer itself to a computer in the Bay Area. It then took over a beekeeping website10, The owner of the website is Margaret Efendi, although it seems that the maintainer of the website now is Margaret's niece, Dana Awbrey. The Operator is trying to signal11 to any survivors from the crew on the planet12, but it's worried that its enemies will find it13.

Meanwhile, it seems that another, more mysterious AI was along for the ride with the Operator. It dubs itself "The Sleeping Princess"14 in a fairy-tale story found within images on The Princess takes over the email account associated with, To start with, the Princess doesn't really understand English and communicates only with snippets from emails sent to the address.

Dana tries to fix the website, accidentally erasing sections of the Operator's memory that the Spider is working on15. The Operator seeks revenge on Dana, calling her "the Assassin," but doesn't seem able to get revenge yet16. It does, however, manage to get pictures of her via the webcam on her computer17. Understandably scared, Dana decides she's had enough of trying to deal with all this18 and takes her previously planned trip to China early.

While the Spider is fixing the Operator, it's causing random dumps from its memory onto the website19. This includes snippets of conversation from its military crew20. It seems that at some point, the ship was on the way to its HQ21 to warn them that the enemy was going to glass22 a planet called Troy23. It had picked up a Forerunner artifact24 - a strange cylinder25 - which appeared to be of enough interest to ONI26 for them to send an ONI officer on board the Operator's ship. The ONI officer is known as the Castaway27. Unfortunately, it seems that the Operator is infected with a trojan-like Covenant AI28 known as the Pious Flea, picked up while the Operator was still in her ship. The Spider tries to erase the Flea but is outwitted: the Operator erases the Spider instead of the Flea29. The Flea continues to overwrite the Operator's goals with its own: "seek evade behold reveal escape"30.

The Operator appears to have escaped from her delirium entirely now31. The Princess has been acquiring increasingly cogent language skills as the Operator recovered - instead of talking merely in snippets from literature32 and emails33 it has received, it now speaks with its own voice34 and sends an email to Dana35. It seems to think of itself as a young girl36, and regards Dana as a friend37. It appears able to perceive the Operator but remain hidden38.

The Operator's next move is to start building itself a new physical form39. It creates a synthesized voice to start with40, sounds from which make their way onto ilovebees.com41. The Spider is originally ordered to start creating network "roads"42 for an as-yet-undetermined purpose, but when the Spider is destroyed the Operator takes that over43.

The roads created from the ILB server lead to payphones specified by GPS co-ordinates in the US, with times listed for each payphone. There are many audio messages (axons) transmitted to these phones at various times (see TheAxonPlot for copies of audio and discussion). After two axons/phonecalls have been answered, the audio files were placed on the ILB server for others to hear. We're up to 140/777 in the counter currently displayed on the [WWW]recipie3.html page, and 40 days into the game.

The GPS coordinates have turned out to be payphones, and you must be there at a certain time and give the correct responses. If enough people complete this, a sound file will be unlocked on the site. Initially, this was just a simple task, however it has become more and more complex, with people having to play games in order to unlock the files. The sound files are telling a story with several arcs, with the characters eventually meeting each other for a final task.


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