-- yes, the phone answering machine really does pick up ([WWW]reference)

The street address leads to a UPS office and the "suite number" is a postal box. Several businesses use that address as a business mailing center.

Poking around with the phone number and names at [WWW] doesn't turn up anything.

[Question: Anyone check out her favorite books (Ellis Peters and the Brother Cadfael books and Alexander McCall Smith and the Precious Ramotswe books)? They may have some sort of clues associated with them. ex-Precious Ramotswe is from Botswana, Africa (announced continent concerning Halo 2)]

Concerning Ellis Peters: I've read some of the books and watched most of the episodes of a show made for public television as part of the mystery series. It centers around a monk, Brother Cadfael, who solves mysteries with a fairly modern point of view. Many of his insights come from his experience working as a healer. His herb garden is extensive, as is his knowledge of the things in it. He is part of the brotherhood at Shrewsburry, in medieval England. The abbey's prized relic is the coveted remains of a Saint Winifred. Not sure how this relates to ilovebees, Bungie, or Halo. You can browse a list of the books with short descriptions of each [WWW]here. I haven't been able to find anything yet. --eventine

Minor note : Master Chief reference in the last name, Efedi
Definition: \Ef*fen"di\, n., [Turk. efendi, fr. Modern Gr. ?, fr.
Gr. ? a chief. See {Authentic}.]
Master; sir; -- a Turkish title of respect, applied esp. to a
state official or man of learning, as one learned in the law,
but often simply as the courtesy title of a gentleman.