This page is a reference for identifying the author of unattributed text, along with some justification of the author's identity.

Styles by Author

The Operator

Writes in generally lucid English, with good grammar and syntax, but often stream-of-consciousness. In general, the Operator communicates via text overlaid on webpages on the website. In terms of the Widow's Journey, the Operator is likely associated with the Queen (based on the remarks about being probed scattered through the Operator's writings.)

The military conversation text is attributed to the Operator because of the references surrounding the SPDR probe blocks, including "a fragment of conversation, two crew members in an illicit /// alliance whispering in a corridor".

The "Melissa Story" from the links.html puzzle is also attributed to the Operator. The Operator text reads "Widow stuck in her pin and I threw up a memory: only I retched it out through the network tentacle. " From the earlier description the network tentacle seems to be a low-volume connection to the Internet. So the Melissa story is this memory, but garbled into Google search strings instead of normal prose. Additionally, the Operator is a nickname, and the Melissa story explicitly says "he never used my nickname".

More explanation of the Operator text can be found at TheOperatorsMonologue.

Sample operator writing (phase2 conversation):

UPDATE - While this is explained in the TheCharacters page, it has been confirmed (with the 8/13 email from PhaseEmailsFromLadybee, that the Operator IS Melissa IS the Queen. Therefore all attributes of the Operator can be applied to Melissa/Queen as well. We also have reference in the same 8/13 email that the Queen may be writing in SPDR/type dialogue now that the Spider has been "dispatched"


Writes in single short sentences or command dumps. SPDR-authored text is either overlaid on the webpages (in which case they are command logs consisting of short lines of command-response dialogue), or messages overlaid on the page in white text on a black background. SPDR is likely associated with the Widow in the Widow's Journey, based on SPDR's role as repairer of the Operator.

UPDATE - SPDR has been killed off. In fact, any future (located 8/12 or beyond) text in this style is now likely to originate from the Queen. This new information became clear after reading the Email from the Princess 8/13:PhaseEmailsFromLadybee--UserDorkmaster 11:53, 13 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Sample SPDR writing (command log):

ladybee777 at

Writes in broken English formed from phrases sent to this email address. Speaks in mostly coherent half-formed sentences. This entity communicates either through email (only one instance known) or by embedding text into images. ladybee is likely associated with the Sleeping Princess in the Widows' Journey. The responses received up till the start of Phase 2 were ambiguous enough to allow either the Sleeping Princess or the Pious Flea - however, PhaseEmailsFromLadybeeAugustRd confirm the Sleeping Princess as the author. In addition, ladybee may also be the author of the Widow's Journey, as that text is embedded in the same manner.

The green 'problem quite interesting' text on contactme.html also appears to be from the same entity. 'Problem quite interesting' is a snippet from the emails receieved from ladybee777 and is spliced just above the ladybee777 email address on the 'Contact Me' page. This GreenText seems to be the only text from ladybee777 that is not either inside an image or sent via email.

**It's possible that the text "I was looking at your site a little awry and have found an innocent bystander. Can you (?)" from about.html (which is not from inside an image nor via email) also came from the same entity, especially due to the (?) syntax.** --UserChulo 00:41, 29 Jul 2004 (PDT)

Ladybee also seems to use (?) as an interrogative mark - this behavior derives from a statement about how to write questions in an email sent to her.

Sample ladybee writing (killer.jpg text):

UPDATE - Unfortunately this information is quickly changing also. Please note the newest communication from, PhaseEmailsFromLadybee, as it has only the green text as a commonality. Essentially, the learning curve of the author is staggering, and we cannot rely on "quality" of English as an identifying element. It appears that the Sleeping Princess (not so asleep anymore) is the author.--UserDorkmaster 12:02, 13 Aug 2004 (PDT)

The Sleeping Princess

Seems to be more 'human-like': While Melissa refers to the network she lives in in technical terms, the Princess refers to things as real places and objects (The 'tower' is where Melissa/The Queen lives, the 'kitchen' refers to the recipe pages, etc.) and translates the Flea's codelike rambles to more anthropomorphized terms. (Apparently the Flea is trying to !attach/"kiss" her.) She carefully explains every emoticon she uses: Maybe she caught that quirk from one of the emails sent to ladybee777?

Attributions by Text

Phase 1
Warning messages SPDR
Command logs SPDR
MAYDAY Text Operator
Widow's Journey Unknown (potentially ladybee)
'seek the truth/behold the truth' Unknown (possibly multiple)
'problem quite interesting' probably ladybee777 (spliced just above email address)
Phase 2
Monologue Operator
Castaway story Operator
Military conversations Operator
killer.jpg embedded text ladybee
Phase 3
Monologue Operator
black-on-white console text SPDR
white italic text Flea
Military conversations Operator
Embedded text/haiku ladybee (Princess)
Axon Phases
white italic text, codelike Flea
Cold, military Operator
Talkative, uses emoticons Princess