This page is intended to be a corollary to the ThePuzzles page, documenting the major questions that would need to be answered for the game to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Hopefully, this will have the effect of focusing all of the speculation. Please feel free to add other mysteries that you feel are important, but try to keep within the spirit of this page and include only major, plot-impacting questions. --UserExtrasonic 06:11, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)

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What will happen when the countdown on reaches the "metastasize" and "wide awake and physical" checkpoints?

It already has! Go check out the rest of this Wiki for the aftermath.

How did The Operator come to reside on the server?

This question can be taken a couple of different ways - if you take it to mean "why is The Operator, who appears to be an AI from the future, in 2004 San Francisco?", then there is much speculation (fueled by the interpretation contained within the StorySoFar) that some sort of time-travel and shipwreck has occurred. Even if that's so, how did the time-travel occur and why was there a shipwreck? If you take it to mean "why is The Operator in the [WWW] webserver?", then there is no solid speculation. Does it have something to do with the physical location? IP address? Domain name? The site's content? The people running the site?

Who told the story of ''The Widow's Journey'' and hid it among the corrupted images on

The TheStory of The Widow's Journey is told in a voice/writing style that no other in-game text possesses. Who told the story? Why? Why was it cut up and placed in corrupted images? Was the entity who hid the story fragments the same entity who told the story in the first place?

What are the real world, literal names of The Pious Flea and The Sleeping Princess?

In the TheStory of The Widow's Journey, allegorical names are substituted for the literal names of real world characters, items, and objects, so what are the literal names of ThePiousFlea and TheSleepingPrincess?

Pious Flea == Durga maybe? just a thought. Durga said teh Flea philosphy in the wav file.

Assuming they come from the same author, who wrote "problem quite interesting" / "I was looking at your site a little awry" / the killer.jpg embedded text / the ladybee777 e-mails?

General consensus has the author of these messages as the real world analogue of either ThePiousFlea or TheSleepingPrincess (or some combination of the two). Although ladybee777 sent an e-mail that was labelled "by The Sleeping Princess", ladybee777 hasn't sent us anything we haven't sent it first, always parroting back what we send it. We have sent it a) a lot of messages mentioning ThePiousFlea, TheSleepingPrincess, and even DanaAwbrey, and b) a lot of texts attributed to other authors (so it may think proper protocol is to send text it didn't write itself). As noted above, the ladybee777 entity doesn't have the same writing style as was used in the TheStory of The Widow's Journey, so there's no reason to believe that it would have even known to call itself ThePiousFlea or TheSleepingPrincess if we hadn't bombarded it with e-mails containing those names.

So, what is this entity? What does it want?

Where is Dana Awbrey?

DanaAwbrey created the [WWW] website, maintained her own [WWW]blog, and was getting ready to leave for a Chinese vacation when all of this struck. She is our main real world link to the game. Where is Dana now? How do we reach her? We think she's gone to China, but there is some confusion over what she says in her second TheVoicemail message.

Dana's in China, according to her last [WWW]blog post.-- DemanusFlint

Which characters should the players try to help, and which should the players try to stop?

Who are the "good guys" and who are the "bad guys", assuming it can be dichotomized so simply? Dana seems innocent, but we don't know what role she played in getting The Operator on to her server (or if Dana's been lying to us). Where has Dana's family (particularly her mother, TheChloe, and her aunt, MargaretEfendi) in all of this? The Operator seems like it's friendly to humans, but wants to kill Dana as an act of self-defense. And who can say what the motivations of the ladybee777 entity are?

We've been kind of assuming that SleepingPrincess is the "goodguy" it could be completely wrong.