I'm moving this from the HalseyTimelineTheory as there is pervading evidence that Halsey and Kelly-089 would not have had access to an stealth ship that was disguised as a yacht (one of the clear facts we know about Melissa's ship). I'm also going to expand to try and include events as they are ordered in "our" timeline.

*Note: there are spoilers here for people wanting to read/play the games *Note: I am going to add in some better formatting to distinguish speculation

Trying these colors:

* <font color="#660000">Red indicates wild speculation, little or no corroboration or confirmation.</font> * <font color="#FF6600">Orange is speculation which is based on safer speculations or known facts. Not confirmed, but relatively safe</font> * <font color="#006600">Green indicates speculation which is assumed mostly on known facts. May not be 100% confirmed, but is generally accepted.</font> * Black indicates accepted as fact, generally from Bungie or official sources.

--UserGunsmithCat 05:59, 9 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Known Timelines

Changing as the first draft is redudant to online sources and the actual spec is getting clouded.

Recommended Readings:

[WWW]Official Sources Courtesy Haloism.

[WWW]Pre-Reach Timeline at Haloism.

[WWW]Original Timeline - note, this does not end correctly as MC is not the sole remaining SPARTAN and Reach isn't glassed. First Strike details what really happens at Reach. Once Halo Library is back online, I'll add in links which much better flush out First Strike. Basically, MC returns to Reach, Reach has been assaulted to find a Forerunner artifact call Holy Light, Holy Light is destroyed/split into pieces, MC and other SPARTANS launch a massive counter-strike against the Covenant and it's discovered the Covenant know the location of Earth.

The real world events of the ILB affair are being tracked on the TheTrail page.

Theoretical Timelines

Reverse Cole Theory - will color this up in a bit -- GC

# - Melissa is created/trained. MilitaryConversationArreltsKowalskConversation # - <font color="#006600">Troy is glassed</font> MilitaryConversationSorensonGreenConversation # - <font color="#FF6600">Melissa's ship's interaction with the Troy glassing gets some attention from other ONI sections, they send a spy aboard</font> PhaseShipboardMemoriesMcKaskill # - <font color="#660000">Covenant send</font> <font color="#006600">forerunner artifact</font> <font color="#660000">to be found by Melissa.</font> PhaseShipboardMemoriesTheCylinderArtifact (it's reasonably sure it's a forerunner artifact, not so much how/why it got there) # - <font color="#006600">Covenant AI is transmitted while Melissa is spying, infects Melissa.</font>PhaseShipboardMemoriesVirus # - <font color="#FF6600">Artifact is locked away, but the Castaway is notified about it.</font> # - <font color="#660000">Covenant AI starts to rewrite small portions of Melissa's logic. Nothing huge, but even these small things slowly begin to cause major change.</font> # - <font color="#660000">Realizing this, Melissa strips out large portions of her own learning and stores this smaller, less functional version of herself away. Since AIs need a physical frame, this could be limited to a lifepod or cryopod.</font> # - <font color="#660000">Something catastrophic happens. Either the ship is attacked, or Melissa turns on her own crew. At this time Flea has reversed Melissa's Cole Protocol. Instead of jumping away from Earth, she jumps directly to it.</font> # - <font color="#660000">Now stranded on Earth in the past, and stuck on ILB, she is trying to recover herself (also the reverse of the CP). Flea is trying to get her back to a point where it can report it's findings about Earth to the Covenant.</font> # - According to Halo 2 trailers, he does.


* I like this theory, and I think it's the best one we can put together with the information available. However, something tells me that The Castaway is a far more vital part of the story than this theory makes him out to be. Unfortunately, there aren't enough facts yet to discern exactly how or in what capacity. -- UserBenThompson

~- completely agree. There's something very suggestive about Melissa's mentioning of the Castaway which seems to place him in some vital role of the story, but I can't tell if we have enough facts. I'm not even sure if he is a good/bad guy in this - but the latest McCaskill conversation ties him to the artifact somehow. I'm leaning to him either being inadvertenly responsible for the shipwreck, or he's somehow responsible for like Princess. Definately need more facts. --UserGunsmithCat 08:15, 16 Aug 2004 (PDT)