This page is to collect literary references in the embedded text from, in the hopes that a pattern may be revealed.

For now, as a stub, I will only list a few things I have noticed; these should be filled out with complete references.

Weeping and gnashing of teeth

KillerJpgKiller includes "weeping and gnashing of teeth", which is from The Bible: Matthew 8:12, Matthew 22:13, Matthew 24:48, Matthew 25:30, Luke 13:28.

A monstrous verminous bug
Tongues of flame...dove descending
Deep as a well, wide as a church door

Many more references to literary texts can be found in the AugustRdEMailReferencesReferences --UserZedix 06:22, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)
"Interested Guest" on Unforum recommends reading a little [WWW]Sylvia Plath - I wonder if the Princess would like the bee-related poetry as part of her reading diet?

Refer to the SylviaPlath page for connections to ILB --UserZedix 07:15, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)

See also GreekMythology --jellyfish_green