It was found on the [WWW]Unfiction forums by Interested Guest that a poet named Sylvia Plath has written poetry closely related to the I Love Bees situation. Several poem titles were keywords found on I love bees (based on the list found off of [WWW]this site):

This is entirely speculation, but there is a lot of coincidences. This is info mostly gathered from the unfiction forums. Credit goes to whoever found the information, I merely put the information together on this page. --UserZedix 06:49, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Possible connection to ILB

From WikipediaSylviaPlath :

From Googling Otto Plath (Sylvia's father) :

From [WWW] : (Attempted suicide on August 24th)


* Might it be possible that Dana had a lot of Sylvia Plath poetry lying around on her hard drive and the entity is using it for her purpose?

Quotes from the poems related to ILB

From Stings:

From The Arrival of the Bee Box:

From The Widow: