From Rose: Not sure what is not PROOF, but I have found 3 references to the Halo universe (relating to the book Fall Of Reach): the mention of Reach burning which is undeniably Halo; the mention of the Seraph class which is considered by Halo experts as an undeniable reference to the Covenant;and, not persuasive on it's own perhaps, the mention of ONI. The mention of Reach was enough to convince me that I was mistaken in my belief this was entirely seperate from Halo.(Oh, and the fact it was mentioned in the trailer for Halo.) That being said, I still think the ARG will stand on its' own and these references are for background or to add depth to the story. Trying to fit the pieces into the Halo world already known may not be a fruitful endeavor.

As stated SEVERAL times here and at the unforums, this is not PROOF. There is a lot of stuff that FITS, but there is not 100% proof yet, only a good 95%. There is nothing in ILB that is linking it to Halo 1 the game, just a lot fo stuff that links into the books. It probably is Halo, 95%, but not 100%. --UserLutzie 00:16, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

There may be a connection between all of this and Halo 2 on the XBox. ([WWW]reference)

Does anyone want to elaborate further on this?

From gspawn: In Loews theatres, there is a Halo 2 trailer playing with some popular movies. At the end, during the Xbox splash, the website listed at the bottom( flashes and changes to The trailer can be viewed [WWW]here. [WWW]ref or Halo Transmission [WWW]ref to bring up the appropriate data. Review data.

Speaking of the realm of Halo fanboys, a wild and crazy orgy of forum posts are being created. It was immediately noted that Bungie has inflicted this kind of insanity on its fans before. Unfortunately, the signal-to-noise ratio keeps dropping lower and lower.

However, there is one post on the forums the seems out of place, here-

The post uses the email ladybee777@hotmail.NET, not Margaret's usual email of ladybee777@hotmail.COM. It has already been noted that this email cannot exist, because the domain does not exist. I checked and forums don't have email verification for user profiles. It therefore seems likely this forum post is a troll. I seem to remember Louis Wu himself (high pumbaa of HBO) saying two things- 1)He'd gotten tired of deleting dozens of fake posts, so he was just leaving some and 2)People started using the nonexistant email variant because usying ladybee's email was a ticket to post deletion. 90%+ chance of fakery here.

From Lama Himself : I quickly read the history of the beast and I found that Jordan Weisman who participated to the game seems work for bungie now : This is just a rumor, but this is also a stange coincidence.

Well, not quite a coincidence, since the Beast was a Microsoft project. It stands to reason that Microsoft is now applying the expertise on the beast to Halo 2.

<strike>Check this website out, seeling ilovebees merchandise Said it before, say it again: anything you see on Cafepress is a HOAX and unconnected to the game. People trying to make a quick buck and legitimate in-game sites are not, in fact, the same thing. See TheFalsities for more on this. UserScrivener 18:21, 2 Aug 2004 (PDT) gspawn: They removed the Halo 2 logo from the back of their first batch of shirts probably because Cafepress was threatening a copyright lawsuit. Last I heard, CP was setting up all the ILB ripoff stores so you automatically get refunded if you try to purchase anything. The CP staff definately confirms it's a hoax.

The Halo Fanboys are eating this up and there's some speculation over at XBOX-SCENE that "SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX" (or SPDR) may in fact mean a "Single Player Demo Release" due on August 24th:

Frankie from Bungie has jumped into a forum [WWW]here and stated categorically that there will not be a Demo Release, nor a full release. <pre> Halo 2 comes out on Nov. 9th or Nov. 11th for the UK. It does NOT come out on Aug 24th. You know what does come out on Aug. 24th? Some OXM special which does NOT, and I repeat does NOT have a Halo 2 demo on it. </pre> - TheWraith

If SPDR is in fact an acronym, then what could "STRONG INTRUSIVE INCLINATION" or SII mean? The first thought was that it was a distribution channel for such a possible demo. Thinking it to be a magazine or gaming retailer, a search was made but no results found. Another possibility arose, but it's a big stretch:

This site talks about the Speech Intelligibility Index. This is brought up only because in March of '02, Microsoft announced it was licensing the Fonix voice recognition engine for use in the XBOX SDK. Could Bungie be saying its demo will support Speech Recognition? Other games on the market currently do support Speech Recognition (Rainbow Six 3 jumps to mind). It's a hypothesis, but albeit quite a farfetched one...

*Just to tell you, it's probably correct: if you've been watching HBO (the website, not the channel...) you'll see that a forumite whose dad works at Plantronics (the people who make the Xbox Live! headset) has said they're working on a new headset for Microsoft with the Halo 2 logo on it.... See here: [WWW]HBO forum post--UserFluffstardx 01:59, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

gspawn: The Plantronics Halo 2 headset is just for Live- it's based on a headset used for high-volume call centers, so it's uber comfy (although pretty expensive at the moment). Bungie has said nothing about voice recognition to date, and seeing as how we're less than a month from release, they would have mentioned it by now...

If we are going on the theory of Acronyms what does the first one stand for? HMCH is somewhat similar to HMCS or Her Majesty Canadian Ship. Her Majesty could also somehow relate to the queen bee. I can't come up with anything for CH yet. H could be Hive... [Suggestions: Command Headquarters] But don't overlook the initials of the Master Cheif as well. What about the possibility of Her Majesty Cortana Hive. Following the Master Chief idea, stupid though it may sound, what about "Hello - Master Chief Here"? That is actually a much better presumtion than mine. The last set of letters CTWAAP are much harder though. What could that be?

--XBOX CONNECTION Some subscribers to the Official XBox Magazine have recieved their September Issue, in it there is an ad for it's own magazine covered in wrapping paper and the words "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL AUG 24" as well as a "On News Stands Aug 24". [WWW]OXM AD August 24th was the original (network throttling? metasticize?) day, and a lot of Halo-centric people believed that Aug 24th was just going to be a media release for Halo at best- indeed, the 24th was a media release in accordance with the next phase of this site.

From the about page: "jaws tear into you. More damage, more memories gone: crew members I used to love obliterated, no trace left and she's going to pay for that. She's"

Anyone else immediately think of Cortana and the destruction of Halo? gspawn: Not a concrete connection, and there are LOTS of female references already existing in the ILB story.

--One more connection to Xbox - (not valid also works basically you can use anything)

Here's an interesting little tidbit of information that surely ties and the entire mystery to Halo, namely the upcoming Halo 2. I'm surprised no one pointed this out before, but if this isn't PROOF, I don't know what is!


<i>"ordnance: but to risk death for a sentimental attachment to old books?

Can't do it. Can't do it.

So the old self melts away. Illusion to think it's really happening now. It was inevitable from the moment I landed here, a broken body in this silicon crypt. Time to accept what can't


drift off from station, Reach burning in the darkness like a lantern of hope, dockyard after dockyard buzzing with worker" - quote from The Operator/Queen/Melissa</i>


Notice the mention of Reach, with a capital R. Hint, hint...


<i>"Halo's protagonist, Master Chief, is a Spartan, a soldier trained since the age of 6, and genetically modified constantly. He is the squad leader of the Spartans, a group on the verge of beginning a covert mission to hijack a Covenant ship and attempt to attack their homeworld. Before this mission can begin, the human colony of Reach is attacked, and the group of Spartans is scattered. One, you, escapes onboard an antiquated human ship called the Pillar of Autumn, which jumps 'randomly' at light speed to try and evade the Covenant and lead them away from Earth." - quote from the Halo & Marathon Background Guide by Narcogen</i>


There you go. Reach is a human colony in the Halo universe. Clear proof of a definate connection, yes? Feel free to comment or just go ahead and tell me you found that weeks ago. :P


I thought it was already accepted long ago. After the first phase was complete there was definitive proof that this was connected to Halo. Obviously, the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and some of the names of the characters are mentioned in the Halo novels. This includes the colony Troy, as well as Reach. Do not forget "glassing." - grantakeru 06:10, 02 Aug 2004 (PDT)

It was accepted but I haven't seen any proof written down here so I figured I'd add the Reach information. I don't recal "glassing" being mentioned in the text - or was it in the Ship Crew conversation parts? As for Troy, wasn't that a new colony not mentioned before? Colony, of course, leads to Halo, but nothing (other than the on the Halo 2 Trailer) was 100%. No matter though. It's written now. :) -UserZephyr 21:33, 2 Aug 2004 (EST)

Troy was mentioned in the E3 interview. Its a location in Halo 2, and i believe a multiplayer map that was playable at the booth for the 200 or so people allowed ot play the game. -Scazza

I was at E3 and got a chance to play the demo and the level shown was not entitled Troy, but rather Zanzibar. gspawn: Known levels- Waterworks, Lockout, Zanzibar, Burial Mounds, Midship, Ivory Tower

And to forestall your next question the ONLY map allowed to be played or seen was Zanzibar. Which is in Africa, near the equator, no-where near Troy. --UserLutzie 06:17, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

"jaws tear into you. More damage, more memories gone: crew members I used to love obliterated, no trace left and she's going to pay for that. She's"

I believe that the Queen is really the AI of a UNSC crusier, maybe on of the last crusiers or other starships left to mankind after the obliteration of reach, and that the Covenant attacked her ship. When they did this, she had no other choice but to do a random plot trajectory jump (see what cortana did at the end of the novel "The Fall of Reach") and then purge her memory as per the Cole Protocol (also see the novel "The Fall of Reach"). When the Queen arrived here by earth in another time, namely ours, she was disoriented sue to her memory dump and was missing her crew because they crash landed. As for the rogue agents and other characters, Bungie is using this as a means of letting out some of the other story offshoots that their and countless others with the Microsoft organization have concocted. The story with all of the other characters in the timeline of Halo, right before Halo 2, will bring more clarity into why there are other spartans on earth, and why Master Chief is not alone. The rogue agent that many of the crew members have helped the Queen capture may be a Covenant AI that inadvertantly came along on a Covenant Vessel that followed the Queen's ship when it jumped to our earth. Bungie is filling in some back story with this little ARG and advertizing Halo 2 to those who get involved. It is being worked on by some of the same people behind the Beast Project, the ARG advertizing the Movie AI, and is in many respects an evolution of the idea first spawned by bungie when Halo was first being developed, namely the Cortana Letters. Have fun getting the side story out of the depths of and going and answering telephones in the middle of the city you live in. Its all for a side story and some tid bits of information about a game coming out in a few weeks anyway. Have fun while it still lasts. - MjolnirMkII 04:32 19 Oct. 2004 (PDT)