There is been a lot of speculation on this topic, but no real theory's till lately.

-gspawn: I'm going to try to clean this page up a little (particularly, to provide the large counter-argument that exists).

== My Post == First I (stupidly) posted this in the PossibleLeads section:

* I don't know if anyone has come across it yet, but while its not in game there is are some very interesting speculations on this site [WWW] It is, however, n spanish. * The most interesting speculation of this site is one i had been considring myself. It is about varrao mites. **If you look carefuly at ilovebess and at the original shots from dana's blog you come across the words on the honey site "At this time, I am unable to sell honey because of an infestation of varrao mites in my hives. I hope to be back in business soon!". **According to and my own personal search's a varrano mite is a parisite that attacks bees. points out they also look a heck of alot like flood infestation forms. **In the killer images you come across the text that the entity has sent out varrao mites. **Also in various places in ilovebees there are mentions of a transformation.

Is this all an elaborate flood refrence or just a coincidence? --UserPhoenix 08:30, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Three Swords Theory

Recently coming to attention in beekeepers however is [WWW]this post on the bungie forums the main contents of which I will paste below

Poster: [WWW]JonR2000

Posted: 7/25/2004 11:00 PM

Subject: Halo 2 Theory (involving -Please Read-

I figured my theories need to be canonized and posted somewhere where all can read. They get lost in the other topic, which, at this moment, has surpassed 300 pages.

If you haven't kept up-to-date with all of the stuff on, this might confuse you. Hang in there.

The Flood and Varrao Mites

I'm sure you've all noticed a particular sound that plays as you access the page titled "the Hive". With some help, I've found out something interesting. That sound is the sound a queen bee makes. Not only that, but the queen bee only makes this sound when she is trapped. The sound is a call for her bees to come and protect her, and she only makes this noise when her life is in danger. Sound familiar? It should. It's the same general message relayed through the scattered texts around the site. Trapped...endangered...all alone...

Second, on the "honey" page, Aunt M. tells us she can't produce more honey at the moment due to an infection of "varrao mites". (Note: I have noticed alternate spellings of this mite. One is spelled 'varrao', the other 'varroa', although they appear to be the same mite.)

On further inspection, the mites seem to have some characteristics that ring a bell. They attach onto their chosen host and cause deformities, eventually resulting in death. Another effect of these destructive mites is "queenlessness". In other words, these mites cause the colony to be without a leader. This sounds like something we're familiar with, doesn't it? Think Captain Keyes and the Flood.

=g notes: Note how loose this connection is. In Halo, the Flood (an evil race of parasitic creatures) stole Captain Jacob Keyes from the Covenant, the alien race that had stolen him from the Humans. Not only is it a two-step, but the Flood were using Keyes for information gathering- not just to have the humans be leaderless.=

It has become clear that the varrao mites are an integral part of this puzzle. Whoever narrarates the texts throughout the site speaks often of an eight-legged creature. This creature steals the narrator's thoughts. The narrator then goes on to say he or she has become a monster. It's all in the texts.

=g: Eight legs = SPDR = Spider... etc etc... author is skipping over major details to make a point...=

I have come to believe that this eight-legged creature is none other than a Flood infection form. I also believe the infection form is too similar to the varrao mite to be purely coincidental. See for yourself. The similarities don't just stop with text. The varrao mite even looks like a Flood infection form. Don't believe me? Check it out:

=The flood infections forms are not 8-legged, and are over a foot tall, compared to the nearly invisible Varrao mite. They have a lot of other characteristics that would make them much easier to reference, including sharing a hive-mind conciousness with other forms and exploding on contact with a host they cannot infect in order to damage and weaken it for others to attack.=

Varrao Mite Flood Infection Form

=Not only is there a major size, color, shape, etc difference, but Infection forms of the Flood also burrow into and take control of hosts to add to their numbers, converting them into Carrier (think walking seed-pod) and Warrior forms. Unless the Varrao mites in the story start taking over the bees and using their own stingers against their queen in order to consume her for their own gain, this comparison is really out of luck...=

Three Swords

From what I gather, there are three "swords" present in this evolving story. Each sword is harnessed by a different race and used to combat the Flood. The swords, while not literally being a sword in the Halo Universe, have historical ties.

=g: Durandal / Durindana, Cortana, and Joyeuse were the swords of Charlemagn-ic legend.=

Cortana is the first, and most obvious sword. The well-known AI is used by the humans as a weapon against the Flood. When the sword struck, it dealt a fatal blow.

The second sword is Dana, who you all know to be the creator of . Her site, and her, in a way, are being harnessed by the Covenant. As I said, the varrao mites are key. These mites, a.k.a. the Flood, have affected the Covenant far worse than they have us. It is possible they have infected a Prophet. I'm not clear on all of this just yet, but it seems that Dana is a way for the Covenant to communicate their cries for help. They are in more danger than us Humans are.

=This is all loose speculation and based in no fact. In Halo's story, the Flood attack anything they can consume, and it just so happens that there are more Covenant in the area than Humans. If the Flood had infected a Prophet (the alien equivalent of a pope or other religious leader), it would be an incredible blow to the Covenant, and would be no matter of speculation as their entire society would tremble (imagine the Catholic church if hostile forces took the Pope hostage...). The Covenant control a battle fleet composed of hundreds more worlds and thousands more ships than the humans ever managed, and Bungie has hinted that the Covenant have a longer and deeper history with the Flood than we yet know. Again, the speculation in this theory is very loose and not tied to much in the way of fact.=

In Charlemagne's tale, the second sword is named Durandal, which is a name I'm sure most of you are familiar with. Durandal is sometimes referred to as Durandana.

=This is because the sword was sometimes feminized in the tales, depending on the author. Durandal is a male name, Durindana is a female name. Durandal is also an AI, Dana (as far as we know) is a human being, so she doesn't fit this story at all.=

Cortana and Durandana are both AIs. I can only assume the third and final sword is also an AI.

=Joyeuse has never been clearly referenced in any Bungie mythos, although speculation abounds.=

Two swords, two races. We are left with one more.

=These swords are Cortana and Durandal, AIs from the games Marathon and Halo, and both built by humans. One race. Note also that talking about only the AIs leaves a very loose connection to Dana hanging in the breeze.=

I quickly gathered that the Forerunner were the final race. It seemed obvious enough that the Halos were the tools they used to combat the Flood. However, I then realized the "sword" itself has to be a single entity. Another AI would make sense.

Sticking with the story of Charlemagne, one final blade remains. Joyeuse, the sword which the King used himself, has to be the last sword in this puzzle. Harnessed by the Forerunner, Joyeuse is an AI related to the Halos, which they use in order to defeat the Flood.

Although the AI Joyeuse remains to be seen, I am considering the idea that it might be a higher AI than 343 Guilty Spark. Perhaps it is one that governs over the entire network of Halos. Whatever the role Joyeuse the AI plays, it is surely an important one.

=Take all of this with a grain of salt- the author admits to speculation here. Joyeuse could just as well be the name of one of the developers' pet sea monkies for all we know- there is absolutely no reason to believe that Joyeuse must exist in Halo 2, and a lot less than that to connect the entity in this way. If we follow the pattern so far, the more logical conclusion will be that Bungie will star Joyeuse as an AI for the next time they produce a first-person sci-fi shooter game. The author was simply making up details in his own mind and- however plausible- they are not based in any fact or evidence.= ---

Well that's it. Thanks for reading, and if you think you know something that could add to my theory, please share. Even if you have some evidence that disproves it, you are welcome to share that.

- Jon

Disclamer: I just want it know that I UserPhoenix did not write this thoery. I give credit to the author JonR2000 on the forums.
I think the Varrao/Flood connection might have some merit, but we need to distinguish text that's written by Dana/Auntie (humans from this time that have no knowledge of the Flood) and the AIs/Princess (who might make the conncetion).

As for the three sword - Durandal is from Marathon, not Halo. It's a stretch to assume he's crossed universes at this point.

--UserGunsmithCat 12:00, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)

UserGunsmithCat is partially right. Durandal is the name of one of the AI constructs from Marathon, an game by Bungie software 'way back in the 90s. Keep in mind, however, the storyline behind Marathon and the storyline behind Halo did come from the same pool of humans. And Durandal is an entity OUTSIDE of the Bungie universe:

"Durandal is the name of the sword that Roland carried while serving with Charlemagne. It was originally wielded by Hector of Troy, and was supposedly forged by Vulcan. As the story goes, when Roland was near death, he did not want Durandal to fall into enemy hands. He tried to break the sword on a rock, and failed. In the end he threw the sword into a poisoned stream, as it was unbreakable."

Cortana - Durandal - Hector of Troy - Vulcan... We're back to Greek mythology.

Note the connections between Cortana and Durandal back in 2001 here:

So much to say, Durandal as a non-Halo entity is a breaking-point stretch that I'm not willing to make.

Though has kicked an idea into mind: What of the Cortana letters from Halo I? Have they been integrated?

=g: The Cortana letters have more to do with kicking up a sandstorm of intrigue for Marathon fans before Halo was released. There are some parallels to both Halo and Marathon, but most speculation is again very loose and there is nothing conclusive that could be added. What CAN be noted is that if you visit and check their Marathon FAQ, they note that Halo and Marathon are different universes, although (intentionally) similar.=