Basically, I've got way too much time on my hands, so I wrote up a quick-n-dirty perl script to generate all of the synonym combinations (as per [WWW]Thesaurus-dot-com ) for certain parts of the countown text. Mostly, I've found that they're at least humorous, and I'm sure that we should all take the time to try to find the lighter side of possible worldwide domination.

So, of the ~8.4 million combinations, here are the ones that I've found to be most interesting (so far). Not all of them will necessarily be silly, but those are what I've mostly come across so far. If you've also thought to try this line of poking around randomly in the dark, feel free to post some of your favorites.


The entity is very friendly, really.

* willful buddy-buddy appeal * active buddy-buddy dream * bold personal appeal

... and so on.

--UserScruffypoo 17:28, 26 Jul 2004 (PDT)