NOTE: THIS IS ALL SPECULATION [edited by gspawn]

Possible Origin Speculation #1

Halo 2 Marketing Ploy by Bungie. Halo fans first discovered ILB through a theatrical videogame trailer. At the end of the trailer, a link [WWW] changed to [WWW] for a brief moment. Further connections follow, as the site mentions AI and Covenant- which both factor heavily into the Halo storyline.

Possible Origin Speculation #2

This all could be the work of a meddling hacker. Likely? No. Possible? Yes.

Possible Origin Speculation #3

This virus is artificially intelligent. This is the least possible of the speculations thus far, and goes more with other origins [for example, the Halo connection would say this is an AI from the Halo universe]. Unless you want to believe that humanity has this sort of technology...

Possible Origin Speculation #4

Dana is a HOAX. The building that the site is registered to a UPS Store, as seen here: DanaAndMargaret. Her honey store hasn't been found as of yet. Nobody has ever met her. Sorry Dana, but this is definately a possibility, and you DO act pretty sketchy/dodgy.

Possible Origin Speculation #5

[WWW] This could all just be an alternate reality game from a fan (further details can be found in the FAQ). It has all the earmarks of a classic ARG, and could be nothing more than some fan(s)' idea(s) of a really great game. If true, this would indeed be the largest and best ARG ever made- which is the point of every ARG anyway.