Now I don't know about the rest of you, mabye some of you might be nuerologists, but I had no idea what the crap on axon was.Therefore, I went to starting point for research, ,

Axons Defined

Short Version

(courtesy of Encarta Dictionary)

So, it transmits outwards. Doesn't that sound like it spreads? See a connection to metastisis?

Long Version

(courtesy of our good friend Wikipedia)

Ummm.... right. thats a little over my head now onto some spec.


Connection to GPS cordinantes

Okay if you take it as fact that these numbers are GPS (which may I remind you could be somethin else) mabye these locations are where the site is soreading too. It will get there when the countdown runs out (August 24).

Any way whatever this isnt well thought out. Add more stuff --UserPhoenix

The definition of metastasize is to spread (can mean to spread as a disease), and I have also seen axons described as being similar to fiber-optic cable in medical dictionaries. Therefore, if the coordinates are to be taken as-is, then the Operator spread to those locations through the WWW. --UserFloorneyne

I've seen a lot of guys cross referencing star maps with the coordinates and i'm fairly certain this is the total wrong direction. AXONS GO HOT. notice all of the words are in caps indicating that there is nothing special about the word AXONS like an anagram or code. I'm fairly certain that AXONS can be taken in a literal sense and if this is the case then it will create an actual 'nerve network for passing impulses' through an 'organisim'. I think the axons are our own, we are that orginism, and the network is xbox live. --UserMojaVera

What you're forgetting is that many of us aren't ON XBox live. That's probably too deep. It could very well mean the internet though, and the coordinates might point to areas of high internet use. --UserMalkaia]

Agreed...many of us aren't on xbox live but this is an ARG derived from an xbox game that will bring the children home to xbox live... i'm even going to get it so i can experiance halo 2 (pbuhn)in all it's glory.moja_vera

I think the Internet is a better theory. (Better than "there's something at those locations," anyway.) It would explain why most of the places are in large cities, although it doesn't seem to be too consistent. For example, I would expect San Francisco to have more than Seattle. And Redmond is only in there once, despite the fact that I think a lot of Internet activity runs through there ... At any rate, the coordinates aren't accurate enough to find anything, in any case. I looked at four places in Seattle (all within about 6 blocks of each other): none of the addresses existed, and, for the most part, it was just all apartment buildings and restaurants. Lots to see, but too much to see anything specific.

Is it possible we "the internet people" are the axeons? ... the Operator is pissed at Dana and has said:

"I'm going to know everything about you. Where you live and what you buy, how you think and who you love. Know the enemy."

Are we pawns in this game to get Dana? Hunting and gathering information for the Queen? ... And posting it on this site. - description, photos, map, comments, accuracy, wifi?

Just a thought. --UserUnch

The Flood / The Vang

One of the sources of inspiration for The Flood in Halo is The Vang from Christopher Rowley's books Starhammer, The Vang: The Military Form, and The Vang: The Battlemaster. In these, the Vang refer to themselves as "The Gods of Axon and Neuron". I don't know if this is relevant, but it's the first thing that came to mind for me. --UserCiaran