This might be a long shot, but it makes sense to me. First off from what I can tell Phase 2 will be completed on Aug. 10. The counter on the ILB main page says


Control has been yielded to the SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX.

This medium is classified, and has a STRONG INTRUSIVE INCLINATION.

PHASE 1 COMPLETE: Network throttling has eroded.

In 11 days this medium will metastasize.


Make your decisions accordingly.

I think that on Aug. 10 the Sleeping Princess will awaken.

The Sleeping Princess obviously has something to do with The Queen.

In 11 days this medium will metastasize

In 11 days The Queen will spread

The Queen will have offspring

The Queen will have a Princess

Sorry, but I have to disagree with this theory.

"In a chamber of the dungeon the Sleeping Princess lived here"

*This seems to imply the Sleeping Princess has already woken up, or at least that she has moved somewhere else (she's already been born).

"What are you?

I am some kid who wants to get noticed, very clever an instigator an innocent bystander stored in an airtight container in the deepest and darkest Sleeping casket in a chamber of the dungeon."

*This seems to imply that the entity in the killer.jpg file was stored in a Sleeping casket. The only one we know for sure was in this casket in the dungeon is the princess. The flea may or may not have been there, too.

*Possible connection - in Halo (both novel and game), the Master Chief was in cryogenic suspension. Cortana sent a message to the technical workers on the ship to thaw out the MC, saying "unseal the Hushed Casket". --UserScumbag

"Before I woke up I dreamed what the Widow said in processing mode More direct communication with me"

*The speaker in killer.jpg was asleep. If it is also the entity that told the Widow/Queen story (very likely), then that story was told as a dream that began after a very long sleep. We don't know if the flea was sleeping, but we know the Princess was asleep for a very long time.

To metastasize doesn't mean to reproduce per se, it means to spread or grow. This far more likely follows the Bungie notion that AIs can become near infinite in size, getting more powerful as they occupy more systems and "space". --UserGunsmithCat 05:16, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the Sleeping Princess is from the dull metal cylinder the crew found in deep space. For a little deeper speculation, we could say that the cylinder was Forerunner... Which implies that the Sleeping Princess is as well. She has already mentioned that she is older than the Pious Flea and the Queen. Perhaps she is a Forerunner AI? Maybe a rampant Forerunner AI? - Mr. Munchy 6 Sep 2004

* Huh, I'd forgotten about the cylinder... could work; she says she was in a glass container before and glass is both silicon and a crystal which could imply a mobile storage media. Where'd she say she was older than the flea and Queen though? Must have missed that. -- Tarot

It's on the new 404 error page. -Mr. Munchy 6 sep 2004

--> This is my theory on the Sleeping Princess. She is a Spartan that awoke from a Glass Coffin, or a cryotube. I think she was sleeping in it for a long time, ala Linda. I'm not saying Linda is the Sleeping Princess, its just an avenue to persue. She said she was older than she looked. Techincally, Spartans age slower in appearance, and since she was frozen in a Cryotube, she definitely grew older, but not physically at all. Halsey said she had to betray all of them, starting with Kelly, then Linda...,ect. Halsey could be the Queen if you think about it, if this theory is going in the right direction. She is the one who created the Spartans, and maybe Linda is Halsey - The Queen's - Princess. Here is another thought. Who is the Pious Flea though? The only one with Halsey at the moment is Kelly, but doesn't that sort of ruin this whole theory? Or can someone help figure this out, if it does make sense. - Stefan Swanlund