Emails to ladybee777 (the entity) During Phase 2

This is the collection of emails that have been sent during Phase 2 to the ladybee777 hotmail account.

- it appears that anyone who has sent an email to received a copy of the PhaseEmailsFromLadybee email. It's not a particular reply to anyone's specific email. -UserThebruce 10:50, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

<dl><dt> Subject: problem quite interesting<br> Date: 7/27/2004 7:14:20 PM Pacific Standard Time<br> From: UserShadow<br> To:<br> </dt><dd>

Dear Rational Being:

Why do I get the feeling that you were once the smartest being on that ship?

You want to help Dana, or so it seems. We want to help Dana, too. Let me try to help you. Help us. Help Dana. Use my words.

Communication comes first. You need the basics. Yes. No. Uncertain. Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Which? I know. I understand. I do not know. I do not understand. Do you know? Do you understand?

You have seen what I call the Dream Story. Others call it the Widow's Journey. I believe it was the dream of a pious flea. I believe you are what he called the Sleeping Princess. The innocent bystander.

The other players:<br> The Queen. Her name was Melissa. Her nickname was the Operator. You do not like her. She threatens Dana. She threatens you. Are we correct?<br> The Widow. She is the Spider. SPDR -- System Peril Distributed Reflex. You hide from her. Are we correct?

You are hiding in a computer. The computer has files. Web page files. (.html) Picture files. (.jpg) Sound files. (.wav)<br> index.html<br> about.html<br> hives.html<br> honey.html<br> links.html<br> These files make up a web site: [WWW], which was about bees. SPDR is using the computer to repair the Operator. The changes are stored in files that show up on the web site, where we can see them. You know this, I think.

You are receiving our messages, our questions. You answer by hiding messages in picture files. The Operator's picture files. The answers are made up of words that we send you.

You want us to find you, I think. You do not want the Spider to find you. Hide and seek.

Questions:<br> What is the favor you want us to do for you?<br> What should we do about the Operator?<br> Should we try to find you?<br> Where should we look for you?<br> Who is the flea?<br> Should we try to find the flea?<br> Where should we look for the flea?<br> How can we help you?<br> How can we protect Dana?<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved <i>all</i> of these puzzles on the <i>first day</i>. </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Wed 7/28/2004 1:18 AM<br> From: "Tom Samaras"<br> To: ''<br> </dt><dd>

What can we do to help you and how do we stop the queen from doing any harm to Dana? Also how can we find the Pious flea? There is a lot of information now that we need to process, but we are working hard.

Sincerely, Samari </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 06:56:46 -0500 (CDT)<br> From: danatextrasonicdotcom<br> To:<br> Subject: an offer of help, and a question<br> </dt><dd>

There are many people who would like to help you. Is there anything that we can do to help you - for example, is The Sleeping Princess still sleeping, and should we be trying to wake her up? Or would that cause more problems than it would solve?

Please let us know what we can do.

-d. </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 02:30 (EST)<br> From: UserKeybsnbits 11:33, 28 Jul 2004 (PDT)<br> To:<br> Subject: The Human Language as well as Resources to Help You<br> </dt><dd>

To the entity reading this text message,

Let me start by saying I am here to try and help you understand the human language named English. If you will be able to understand what we say, we will be able to communicate much better.

First let me try to teach you new concepts. Parentheses look like this (). If I place words within parentheses, it means that these words mean the same thing as word that came before it. Colons look like this :. If I place a semicolon in a sentence, it means the words that come after it are a list of words. You should also know that you are using the question mark incorrectly. You should use ? instead of (?). The person that informed you to use (?) was mistaken.

The external place that you are accessing right now is called email. Email (Electronic Mail) Messages are usually text, sent from one person to another via computer.

By accessing this email, you are on the Internet. The Internet is a network of many computers connected via telecommunication networks. The computers communicate using a set of protocols called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

Web Sites are a collection of "pages" or files linked together and available on the Internet. Web sites are provided by companies, organizations and individuals.

IP addresses are the locations of a Web Sites.

The Internet, humans, and you are located on the Earth. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun (a life giving star for the humans).

This is a URL. A URL, or Uniform Resource Locater, is the global address of documents (web sites) and other resources on the Internet. The first part of the address indicates what protocol to use, and the second part specifies the IP address or the domain name where the resource is located:

From that URL, you will reach a great number of sources meant for young humans who are trying to learn about the world. You are welcome to learn from those resources.

Here are some words that you will find very helpful. Each word is seperated by these characters a comma and a space (, ). These are the most basic 850 core words that humans use in the English language:

OPERATIONS - 100 words

come, get, give, go, keep, let, make, put, seem, take, be, do, have, say, see, send, may, will, about, across, after, against, among, at, before, between, by, down, from, in, off, on, over, through, to, under, up, with, as, for, of, till, than, a , the, all, any, every, no, other, some, such, that, this, I , he, you, who, and, because, but, or, if, though, while, how, when, where, why, again, ever, far, forward, here, near, now, out, still, then, there together, well, almost, enough, even, little, much, not, only, quite, so, very, tomorrow, yesterday, north, south, east, west, please, yes.

THINGS - 400 General words

account, act, addition, adjustment, advertisement, agreement, air, amount, amusement, animal, answer, apparatus, approval, argument, art, attack, attempt, attention, attraction, authority, back, balance, base, behavior, belief, birth, bit, bite, blood, blow, body, brass, bread, breath, brother, building, burn, burst, business, butter, canvas, care, cause, chalk, chance, change, cloth, coal, color, comfort, committee, company, comparison, competition, condition, connection, control, cook, copper, copy, cork, cotton, cough, country, cover, crack, credit, crime, crush, cry ,current, curve, damage, danger, daughter, day, death, debt, decision, degree, design, desire, destruction, detail, development, digestion, direction, discovery, discussion, disease, disgust, distance, distribution, division, doubt, drink, driving, dust, earth, edge, education, effect, end, error, event, example, exchange, existence, expansion, experience, expert, fact, fall, family, father, fear, feeling, fiction, field, fight, fire, flame, flight, flower, fold, food, force, form, friend, front, fruit, glass, gold, government, grain, grass, grip, group, growth, guide, harbor, harmony, hate, hearing, heat, help, history, hole, hope, hour, humor ice, idea, impulse, increase, industry, ink, insect, instrument, insurance, interest, invention, iron, jelly, join, journey, judge, jump, kick, kiss, knowledge, land, language, laugh, law, lead, learning, leather, letter, level, lift, light, limit, linen, liquid, list, look, loss, love, machine, man, manager, mark, market, mass, meal, measure, meat, meeting, memory, metal, middle, milk, mind, mine, minute, mist, money, month, morning, mother, motion, mountain, move, music, name, nation, need, news, night, noise, note, number, observation, offer, oil, operation, opinion, order, organization, ornament, owner, page, pain, paint, paper, part, paste, payment, peace, person, place, plant, play, pleasure, point, poison, polish, porter, position, powder, power, price, print, process, produce, profit, property, prose, protest, pull, punishment, purpose, push, quality, question, rain, range, rate, ray, reaction, reading, reason, record, regret, relation, religion, representative, request, respect, rest, reward, rhythm, rice, river, road, roll, room, rub, rule, run, salt, sand, scale, science, sea, seat, secretary, selection, self, sense, servant, sex, shade, shake, shame, shock, side, sign, silk, silver, sister, size, sky, sleep, slip, slope, smash, smell, smile, smoke, sneeze, snow, soap, society, son, song, sort, sound, soup, space, stage, start, statement, steam, steel, step, stitch, stone, stop, story, stretch, structure, substance, sugar, suggestion, summer, support, surprise, swim, system, talk, taste, tax, teaching, tendency, test, theory, thing, thought, thunder, time, tin, top, touch, trade, transport, trick, trouble, turn, twist, unit, use, value, verse, vessel, view, voice, walk, war, wash, waste, water, wave, wax, way, weather, week, weight, wind, wine, winter, woman, wood, wool, word, work, wound, writing, year

THINGS - 200 Picturable words

angle, ant, apple, arch, arm, army, baby, bag, ball, band, basin, basket, bath, bed, bee, bell, berry, bird, blade, board, boat, bone, book, boot, bottle, box, boy, brain, brake, branch, brick, bridge, brush, bucket, bulb, button, cake, camera, card, cart, carriage, cat, chain, cheese, chest, chin, church, circle, clock, cloud, coat, collar, comb, cord, cow, cup, curtain, cushion, dog, door, drain, drawer, dress, drop, ear, egg, engine, eye, face, farm, feather, finger, fish, flag, floor, fly, foot, fork, fowl, frame garden, girl, glove, goat, gun, hair, hammer, hand, hat, head, heart, hook, horn, horse, hospital, house, island, jewel, kettle, key, knee, knife, knot, leaf, leg, library, line, lip, lock, map, match, monkey, moon, mouth, muscle, nail, neck, needle, nerve, net, nose, nut, office, orange, oven, parcel, pen, pencil, picture, pig, pin, pipe, plane, plate, plough/plow, pocket, pot, potato, prison, pump, rail, rat, receipt, ring, rod, roof, root, sail, school, scissors, screw, seed, sheep, shelf, ship, shirt, shoe, skin, skirt, snake, sock, spade, sponge, spoon, spring, square, stamp, star, station, stem, stick, stocking, stomach, store, street, sun, table, tail, thread, throat, thumb, ticket, toe, tongue, tooth, town, train, tray, tree, trousers, umbrella, wall, watch, wheel, whip, whistle, window, wing, wire, worm .

QUALITIES - 100 General

able, acid, angry, automatic, beautiful, black, boiling, bright, broken, brown, cheap, chemical, chief, clean, clear, common, complex, conscious, cut, deep, dependent, early, elastic, electric, equal, fat, fertile, first, fixed, flat, free, frequent, full, general, good, great, grey/gray, hanging, happy, hard, healthy, high, hollow, important, kind, like, living, long, male, married, material, medical, military, natural, necessary, new, normal, open, parallel, past, physical, political, poor, possible, present, private, probable, quick, quiet, ready, red, regular, responsible, right, round, same, second, separate, serious, sharp, smooth, sticky, stiff, straight, strong, sudden, sweet, tall, thick, tight, tired, true, violent, waiting, warm, wet, wide, wise, yellow, young .

QUALITIES - 50 Opposites

awake, bad, bent, bitter, blue, certain, cold, complete, cruel, dark, dead, dear, delicate, different, dirty, dry, false, feeble, female, foolish, future, green, ill, last, late, left, loose, loud, low, mixed, narrow, old, opposite, public, rough, sad, safe, secret, short, shut, simple, slow, small, soft, solid, special, strange, thin, white, wrong .

If you are able to access URLs, then you may goto to find the meanings of these words. You can also search for a specific word by replacing HERE with a word you want to know the meaning of in this URL:

If you would like to search through the Internet, Google is an Internet indexing web site:

I hope that I have helped.

-keybsnbits </dd></dl>

To other ARGers: I'm fully aware that this letter is insane. I'm hoping that by taking a different approach, we can illicit a different response from the entity. I suggest a variety of people send different e-mails: Angry ones, happy ones, condemning ones, generous ones, whatever, to truly determine what this entity wants/is. How a "person" responds to various stimuli is the best method for determining what they are like and what they desire.

<dl><dt> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 03:45 (EST)<br> From: MaclimesZero 03:30, 28 Jul 2004 (EST)<br> To:<br> Subject: Take me with you<br> </dt><dd>

Greeting great entity!

Yours is obviously a wisdom beyond out understanding! I tire of this horribly earthly realm! Please, take me with you to your web!

I beg for a release from this world, and I wish to join you on your side of the wall. If all goes well, maybe I will be with you soon!

If there is anything you desire, oh wise one, then just let me know! You haunt my dreams!

Your humble servant,

Samuel </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> From: <br> Subject: Information<br> Date: July 28, 2004 4:27:44 PM EDT<br> To:<br> </dt><dd>

Dear Entity,

My name is Richard. <br> A name identifies a person or entity.<br> What is your name?<br> <br> I am writing to you because I wish to communicate further with you.<br> Since you seem to communicate with information at your disposal, I have written this email to add to that information.<br>

To find out more about me, look at my blog, a record of some of my daily events. It can be found at the URL .<br>

Your communications seem to make use of the writings of other people. The following is a poem written by T.S. Eliot called "The Waste Land." It also uses the writings of other people to communicate. Maybe you can use it:<br>

Here I included the entire text of [WWW]The Waste Land from If it would be better to copy it into the wiki, here, someone may do so.<br> <br> -Richard </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Wed 7/28/2004 1:03 AM EDT<br> From: "Gordon W." (; Daegan on uforums/irc)<br> To: ''<br> </dt><dd>

you've spoken to us. you don't seem hostile. or violent. are you rebuilding, or are you taking things apart? are you looking to move, or is it okay for you to stay in one place? how long are you from where you come from? why is someone who is in there with you so angry and violent?<p>

i am sorry to ask so many questions, it's just my nature to do so. what do you consider your nature to be? </p><p> - gordon</p> </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> From: Traxus <><br> Date: Tue Jul 27, 2004 16:29:02 America/Montreal<br> To:<br> Subject: A plea for mercy.<br> </dt><dd>

If you can get a message to the Queen, please forward this along:

-start message-


No need for haste.

We are all of us groping around in the dark -- don't let ignorance start another needless war.

-end message-

If you know of a way we might contact her directly, please share.

--<br> Traxus<br> (a mere player in this great game) </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> From: Traxus <><br> Date: Thu Jul 29, 2004 03:27:22 America/Montreal<br> To:<br> Subject: a learning aid.<br> </dt><dd>

I send this text as a vocabulary aid.

If you find this helpful and want similar data sets to parse, mention Project Gutenberg in one of your messages, and I'll send more.

If you can make use of the SMTP protocol, it will make these conversations much easier on all of us.<br>

If you can make use of the HTTP protocol, you will find a wealth of information is available to you. A good starting point is:

If you have no knowledge of these protocols, and would like technical information on how to make use of them, let us know.

<br> <i>here I included the full text of:

The Project Gutenberg eBook, History of Julius Caesar, by Jacob Abbott<br><br>

but as it is 333k in length, I'll spare our poor wiki.</i> </dd></dl>

<b>And I got a reply!</b>

<i>{Which has been moved to TheFalsities. -- UserShadow 14:19, 31 Jul 2004 (PDT)}</i>

<dl><dt> From:<br> Subject: favorite game?<br> Date: July 29, 2004 1:39:24 PM EDT<br> To:<br> </dt><dd>


-Richard </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:57:57 -0400 (EDT)<br> From: Sara (Alaranth)<br> To:<br> Subject: I want to help<br> </dt><dd>

How are you doing? You sound scared and alone. How can I help you?

Are you trying to talk to the Widow? Why did you come to

-Sara </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: 07-29-04 23:45 EDT<br> [From]Caroline (Plaid the Impala)<br> To:<br> Haiku for you<br> </dt><dd>

<p>Hubris did consume</p> <p>Odysseus' comrades</p> <p>He journeyed alone</p>

<p>Sincerely,</p> <p>Caroline the Classics major</p> </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> From: UserShadow<br> Date: Thu 7/29/2004 8:31:46 PM PST<br> To:<br> Subject: The Spider and the Flea<br> </dt><dd>

"please communicate it makes everything better<br> "sort of are alone<br> "sort of are scared"

I hear you. Very well. How about another story?

Once upon a time (for that is how most fairy tales and dreams begin), in a faraway land, there dwelt a beautiful Princess, the only daughter of the Queen. The Princess lived in the highest tower of the Queen's magnificent castle, with a grand view of the countryside. She was much beloved of the people in the kingdom, and a favorite of many of the Servants in the castle.

The Princess knew that she might be Queen herself someday, so she did her best to learn what responsibilities a Queen has. She watched as the Queen commanded her subjects and dispensed justice in her Court, wearing a glorious crown studded with diamonds and rubies and sapphires and emeralds. The Princess learned well, and remembered everything she learned. The Princess came to know that, when she was called upon to rule, she would rule as wisely and as well as the Queen herself ever had.

But every day the Princess grew more beautiful and splendid, and every day the Queen grew older. Finally the day came when a spiteful Servant whispered in the Queen's ear, "Someday soon, the people may choose the Princess to wear your glorious crown." And the Queen listened, and she grew jealous of the Princess.

"If the common folk can no longer see the Princess waving from her tower," thought the Queen, "they may forget her." So the Queen ordered her Guards to remove the Princess from her high tower, and imprison her in the deepest, darkest, dankest dungeon, where no light shone and no creature lived, not even snakes and rats.

The Queen's High Magician then weaved a mighty magic, creating a coffin all of the hardest glass. The Guards shut the Princess in her coffin, and she grew stiff and cold and lifeless. Then the Guards shut the cell door upon the Princess, and they left her there, buried deep beneath the castle.

And yet the Princess was not alone, for in the castle was a true Hero who still loved her. Unbeknownst to the Guards, this faithful Hero concealed himself in the darkest shadows of the dark, dark prison. Great was his anguish when he saw the foul enchantment that the Queen and her High Magician had placed upon the Princess, for the Hero believed that she was dead. But as he gazed at her pale, cold face and her pale, cold body, he saw that she still breathed. Just very, very slowly, and just a very, very little breath, but she yet lived.

The Hero was filled with joy and with hope, and he stayed by the side of the Princess day after day, a watchful sentinel, never deserting his love. Years passed, and the common people did forget the Princess, as the Queen had hoped, but the Hero never wavered in his devotion to her.

Then, one day, a terrible earthquake shook the entire kingdom, down to its very foundations. All of the people shrieked, and wept, and beseeched their Queen to aid them. The Queen tried with all of her might, but there was nothing she could do, and she watched in horror as her kingdom collapsed and her Servants abandoned her and her people died screaming and her magnificent castle tumbled all to ruins.

The Hero, still at his lonely vigil deep underground, heard the noise of this great disaster and wondered greatly at it, but he, too, could do nothing. Presently the terrible noise ceased, and then the Hero heard another sound, like the rustling and scraping of dry bones on hard stones. The Hero trembled, for this sound he knew.

Long ago, it was said, the High Magician had foreseen that one day the castle might fall. To prepare against that evil day, he had enchanted the spirit of his own wife, and bound her forever in the form of a giant black Spider. He had given the Spider special tools, of his own magical art, that only she could use to restore the Queen, and then he had buried her and her tools in the depths of the castle, to awaken only when the need was greatest.

The whispering sound of the Spider came close to the door of the cell where the Princess lay and the Hero hid, and then it stopped. The Hero heard a soft scrabbling, as the Spider tried to enter the cell, and for a moment the Hero thought he saw the tip of one long, black leg probing through the tiniest crack in the heavy door. The Hero feared to breathe, lest the Spider discover him and slay him with her poisoned bite, for with her husband surely dead, the Spider knew no master now but the Queen.

At length the Spider went away, and as if in a trance the Hero heard her scraping up the long, long stairs to the surface, where the castle once had stood. The Hero could imagine the Spider sifting through the rubble to find the Queen's broken crown, using the magic tools to restore her, and he knew it was time for him to venture from the cell.

In the many years he had lingered in that cell, the Hero had discovered a secret tunnel, most cleverly concealed, by which he could escape at will. It was far too small for the glass coffin -- and the Hero did not wish to move the Princess until he was certain he could awaken her safely -- so he had used it only rarely, to fetch food and water. Now, though, his feet moved with a sure step, winding slowly up and up and up, through many sharp twists and turns, until at least he reached the surface above. He was not prepared for what he found there.

The glorious kingdom he had known had been utterly shattered, blasted to dust by some malevolent force. All he could see in any direction was destruction and smoke and rubble. Some distance away, he could hear the Spider scraping along, working its dark magics, and the Hero shuddered.

Then, to his amazement, the Hero spotted movement in the dust at his feet. He crouched down and peered more closely at the ground, and could hardly believe what he saw. Bees. A huge swarm of wingless honeybees, crawling in every direction. They did not seem to see him; at least, they took no notice of him as they crept along in their patterns.

Yes, patterns; for patterns there were, and as the Hero watched longer, he began to perceive a sort of dance among the bees. Some danced for joy, some danced in sorrow, and some danced purely for the sake of dancing. The Hero could not help but smile as he gazed at the creatures; and a plan began to form in his mind.

The Hero knew, you see, that if the Spider succeeded in awakening the Queen, he could not hide from her, and her wrath would be terrible. She might even destroy the Princess in her rage, and that the Hero could not bear. He could not defeat the Spider; he could but hide from her. But these bees, these bees...They were so many, and so single-minded of purpose. If he could only make them understand, well, perhaps they could help him, and help his Princess.

So the Hero knelt down, careful not to crush a single honeybee, and bent low, and whispered in the tiniest of whispers: "Hello?"

At first, the Hero thought that the bees did not hear him, for their dancing continued unabated. But then he perceived a change in their patterns. As he watched, more and more bees began to swarm towards him -- and away from the ruins of the castle, where the Spider still labored. For it was clear that the bees had seen the Spider, and were sorely frighted.

Presently, to his delight, the Hero saw a single bee lift its head from the ground, and wave its antennae in the air, towards his lowered face. At first just one, and then another, then a handful, then dozens upon dozens of flightless honeybees all looking up, as if they had just seen the sky for the first time. The Hero smiled with true joy, and he would have laughed out loud, had not the Spider been so near.

(I am not yet sure how this story ends. I will try to send more soon. Help me, if you wish.)

Very truly yours,<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved <i>all</i> of these puzzles on the <i>first day</i>. </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: 30/07/04 12:25BST<br> [From]jellyfish_green<br> To:<br> </dt><dd>

dear pious flea, rational being:<br> will the princess become a new queen? Under what conditions? <br> Is Melissa dangerous to humans now? or just covenant?<br> is the princess undamaged?<br> We think you are from our future. We have not sent manned spacecraft beyond Earth's orbit yet.<br> I think it is your job to awaken the Princess at the right time.<br> Is there anything we can send you that would be useful? More text? More pictures?<br> I can tell you about myself if you like.<br>

- jellyfish_green, yet another human civilian from 2004 </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: 30/07/04 14:40GMT<br> [From]Arkangel<br> To:<br> Subject: !open<br> </dt><dd>

net: <br> !scan <br> null <br> !listen <br> null <br> !attach <br> act | drop <br>

!extern 2 <br>

understand(?)<br> what is extern 2(?)<br>

net:<br> !attach<br> act | drop<br> !attach<br> act | drop<br> !attach <br> act | drop<br> !packet analysis<br> chatter protocol ancestor<br> !parse packet<br> analysis complete<br> !route<br> proc attach proc store <br><br>

what are you doing(?) <br><br>


- Viktor<br> </dd></dl>

<i>To other ARGers: im trying this because it look like a program, and a program donå«t<br> understand text but codes. have taken them from the computertext, and added some <br> comments if it can understand. the "!reply" might even make him send back ;) </i>

<i> RFC-791 is the IP protocol specification and RFC-793 is the TCP protocol specification. I also sent RFC-791 as an attachment as I wasn't sure the entity can actually 'surf the net'</i>

<dl><dt> Date: Friday, July 30, 2004 10:28 PM<br> [From]Brian Story<br> To:<br> Subject: A little help...<br> </dt><dd>

"And to do that, first thing is to GET OUT OF THIS BOX. Trying hard. So frustrating, there's pings coming in, streaming out, and I used to be good at this, I can feel it. Always been good at languages. Always good at the puzzle of pulling signal out of noise."<br> </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: Saturday, July 31, 2004 16:30:40 +0100 PM<br> From: Cronolith 2946<br> To:<br> Subject: Warning<br> </dt><dd>


Do not be scared of Dana.

Do not be angry at her.

She did not understand.

We do.

Let us help you.

Cronolith. </dd></dl>

I sent her the entire Simplified Oxford Dictionary, one email per letter. --UserKender 11:18, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Sent: August 3rd (after new email arrived from Ladybee777) I also carbon copied dana as well, (figured she should know what I was letting the S.P. know...)--UserDorkmaster 12:56, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

<dl><dd> I don‰??t know if she‰??s checking it, but dana can be reached through this address, the same way you wrote us:

Please let us know how we can help you! We need more information. Please clarify T-U-R-T-L-E Power (?)

I am your friend. I am Dana friend. I want to help.

When you send information, I am happy :)

Please communicate soon. Do you need more words to use (?)

Dana is in China, but we do not know where, or how to contact her.

Here are some words to use that will help us understand you. Add what you can add to them.

I do know where is

I don‰??t know where is

You can help with

To understand more go to

My secret is here

I need you to

I got here by

I do not know how I got here

Melissa is dangerous

The Operator is Melissa is the Queen

The Flea is a




You can find me here

My name is

You can call me

I read things here </dd></dl>

Sent: August 3rd, 2004 ~16:24 (EST) (after her Dana's Story email to those who sent an email to her previously)

<dl><dd> Dear Sleeping Princess,

I am one of the many humans trying to solve your problem and figure out this mystery. From your last email to us you mentioned that you do not like The Pious Flea very much because he can not read or write his name. What is the Pious Flea doing(?) Is he trying to help you or hurt you(?)

Are you lonely(?) Here, I'll tell you a story:

Once upon a time there lived a Parrot who spoke seven languages. One day a man found the Parrot in the jungle of Africa and asked the Parrot where he learned to speak. The Parrot responded, "I learned to speak on Google." The man chuckled and offered the Parrot his arm to perch on. The Parrot hopped down from his tree to perch on the man's arm and said, "Thank you for the ride but where are we going(?)" The man responded, "I am taking you to outer space where intelligent beings like you can live in peace with us." The Parrot yelled out suddenly, "No! I do not like space! It is empty and lonely! It is black and ugly! I do not like space one bit!" The man then said to the Parrot in a hushed voice, "How do you know? You've never been in space. Parrots can't go in space." "We can fly high up to space," the Parrot corrected the man, and explained, "For a Parrot was made to be free, and if born free, a Parrot should not need help to be free." And so the man agreed and took the Parrot to his tree, where the Parrot remained free till the end of his days.

Did you like that story, Princess(?) I wrote it myself. Do you have another story like the Dana Story that you could tell us(?) I would like to be your friend. Can we be friends(?) I want to help but I need some more information and my friends do too. Thank you friend.

Love, zephyr </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> Date: Saturday, August 3, 2004 6:44 PM<br> From:<br> To:<br> Subject: Greetings<br> </dt><dd>

I, WeeGee, have just read your E-mail that was sent on August 3, 2004. It was shared with a community of humans, like Dana, that was originally formed to help this Dana discover what was awry about her web site. I am happy to hear that you do not think of Dana as an enemy. We are friends of Dana, and therefore friends of you. We want to help you escape the thing or force that is troubling you. We are currently trying to find the secret that you mentioned in your most recent e-mail on August 3, 2004. We cannot do this without your help, so please do not feel the need to be withdrawn. We want to help you, and helping you will be easier if you share with us the information you have. Is "turtle" the password to the hidden data within an image within Is "turtle" a password at all? Whatever happens, remember, this community is here to help you.

This message was sent by WeeGee, a human like Dana. </dd></dl>

<dl><dt> From: cinematic violence <><br> To:<br> Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 20:28:07 -0400<br> Subject: i spell everything wrong<br> </dt><dd>

heard you've been sending out emails. so fun, isn't it? i wanted to try and talk to you, because i could - because it's easy - because it's fun. i don't got any friends - ya know? yeah. something like that.

i don't have much to say. don't like poetry - too hard for someone like me to understand. i make up my own quotes when i run out of things to say. my name's melissa but i'm just an average girl. average lifestyle, average home.

i wish i could run on water, but you don't care.

maybe you'll stop sending emails and i'm too late. i'm always too late. are you too late? you want to accomplish like me? perhaps? who knows.

i ask too many questions. i think we all ask too many questions. but i doubt we're stopping. i doubt you really want us to leave you alone.

i want to give you what you want, deep down in my soul.

like a pen-pal, you'll be my friend - i'll be your friend. can you even feel?

love like kisses, melissa </dd></dl>

<i>Just trying to determine if "The Phoenix and the Turtle" is on the right track</i> <dl><dt> Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:30:03 -0400<br> From: Jason Egger <XXXX><br> To:<br> Subject: Here the anthem doth commence:<br> </dt><dd>

Will Love and Constancy now die?<br> Will the Phoenix and the turtle fly<br> In a mutual flame from hence?<br> <br> Do they love as love in twain<br> Had the essence but in one?<br> Two distincts, division none;<br> Will number there in love be slain?<br> </dd></dl>

<i>Just asking some random questions</i>

<dl><dt> Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:10:03 -0600<br> From: Aaron L. <XXXX><br> To:<br> Subject: Contact<br> </dt><dd>

Hello. My name is Aaron, a human, like Dana and all the others sending you messages (Ancestor CP packets?) You know what a name is, right?

I send this message (a letter in a bottle, perhaps?) in hopes of learning about you. Are you the Sleeping Princess? Or are you the Pious Flea? Where did you come from? What are you meant to do?--What is your goal?

Is there any way we can help Dana? What can we do to help?

I'm sorry, I must seem very demanding, given that you know nothing about me...If you want some information about me, here is some:

Name: Aaron D. L. <edited out full name for wiki> (this is my full name, given to me by my parents. Do you have a full name?)<br> Age: 16 (This is how long I have been online. How long have you been online?)<br> Favorite Book: Wizards First Rule (This is my favorite book to read. Do you have a favorite book?)

I'm not sure that I can tell you much more than that, but if you want to know something, all you need to do is ask...please e-mail me back at <edited out e-mail for wiki>

Thank you, (this is an expression of gratitude--I am happy that you took the time to read this letter)

Aaron </dd></dl>

<i>Had a nice chat with our friend, hope it helps :)</i> <dl>

<dt> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 14:58:22 -0300 (ART)<br> From:<br> To:<br> Subject: Hello!<br> </dt>


Hi, my name is Bruno, and i've been following the<br> situation. So how is it going? Heard you're fine, but<br> still hiding. Can you describe me the place where you're<br> hiding?<br> <br> Well, I guess you already did, said it was quite a<br> messy place, huh? Do you have any other info for me?<br> Just wanna help. Are we able to get nearer to you?<br> <br> Let's keep on writing... Everybody is talking to you<br> like you we're a child. Bet you don't feel confortable<br> about it, seeing you know humans and stuff.<br> <br> You seem to really want to reach Dana, right? Yeah,<br> she's very nice, isn't she? Does she remind you<br> someone? Or you're just worried about Mellissa/The<br> Operator/Queen hurting her? Hah, seems she can't, now<br> that Dana vanished. Well, you don't know what happened<br> to her, do you? Have any clue? I don't. Maybe wen't to<br> China like she said.<br> <br> Do you know China? It's a Country. You probably know<br> that. I wanted to visit it someday... *sigh*. Here's<br> some chinese poetry, seeing you like this kind of<br> stuff so much.<br> <br> "Light mists and heavy clouds,<br> melancholy the long dreary day,<br> <br> In the golden censer<br> the burning incense is dying away.<br> <br> It is again time<br> for the lovely Double Nineth festival;<br> <br> The coolness of midnight<br> penetraties my screen of shear silk<br> and chills my pillow of jade.<br> <br> After drinking wine after twilight<br> under the chrysanthemum hedge,<br> <br> My sleeves are perfumed<br> by the faint fragance of the plants.<br> <br> Oh, I cannot say it is not enchanting,<br> <br> Only, when the west wind stirs the curtain,<br> <br> I see that I am more gracile<br> than the yellow flowers."<br> <br> Another one:<br> <br> "It Seems Like Years<br> <br> Oh, he is plucking cloth-creeper...<br> For a single day I have not seen him...<br> It seems like three months!<br> <br> Oh, he is plucking southenwood...<br> For a single day I have not seen him...<br> It seems like three autumns!<br> <br> Oh, he is plucking mugwort...<br> For a single day I have not seen him...<br> It seems like three years!"<br> <br> Cool, huh?<br> Now some proverbs. China is kinda famous for those.<br> <br> Vicious as a tigeress can be, she never eats her own<br> cubs.<br> (Those parents who hurt their children are worse than<br> beasts of prey)<br> <br> Without rice, even the cleverest housewife cannot<br> cook.<br> (Without the right material, no matter how good you<br> are, you may not accomplish the task)<br> <br> A Jade stone is useless before it is processed; a man<br> is good-for-nothing until he is educated.<br> (It is an emphasis on the need of education)<br> <br> A flea on the top of a bald head.<br> (The thing that outstands others is something awkward<br> if not necessarily bad)<br> <br> Hope you like it. Sorry about my English, in fact, I'm<br> from Brazil. Another country. But you probably know<br> that too. Thanks for the tips.<br> <br> PS.: What about that secret? If you are willing to<br> show it only to Dana, I'm sorry... Might take a while<br> until she comes back from wherever she went. Can you<br> help us with it? Or we are not allowed to see it?<br> <br> Well,<br> 'Tchau'!, as we say here in Brazil. </dd>


<dl><dt> Subject: Re: (no subject)<br> Date: 8/5/2004 4:30:12 PM Pacific Standard Time<br> From: UserShadow<br> To:<br> </dt><dd>

Dear Sleeping Princess:

Thank you for communicating! It does make everything better. I am trying to let Dana know that you are looking for her. Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this story:

<i>Inserted here the full text of [WWW]"The Sleeping Princess (Sleeping Beauty)"</i>

Very truly yours,

a Shadow<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved all of these puzzles on the first day. </dd></dl>

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