Apparently, ONI stands for Office Of Naval Intelligence..

Credit goes to frolet, on the Unforums -TheOrikaeshigitae

Figured I'd google Kowalski. First hit :) [WWW]

Seems surprAIsingly relevant.  ;) - TheWraith

You're not kidding...did you see the section on Truth and Reconciliation ("Conflict Resolution")? That is almost *eerily* coincidental.--UserKlobbermeister 15:47, 3 Aug 2004 (PDT)

The ONI link above describes ONI as being organized into "sections", although only Sections 2 and 3 are discussed based on the lore from the first Halo. In the PhaseConversation flashback to Sorenson and Greene, Capt. Greene points out that "If they decide that strategic advantage is too great to risk and don't act, then you know Section Zero will be all over them. Zero's wanted Standish forever." which implies that we are indeed in the Halo universe and we have something to learn about ONI Sections 0 and 1. - TheExtrasonic
Section 0 sounds like the Internal Affairs department. Standish probably bends the Naval Intelligence rules a bit, like all good Admirals. -TheJellyfishGreen