You may have noticed by now, but basicaly what i've been doing is monitoring the chater in #beekeepers and pulling out and posting what I find signifacant. This is something that came up today:

Internet Explorer

Hope this is the best place for this. If not, edit away and put it where it belongs. Anyways, IE was released in august. Not sure on the exact date, though I know its really close to the 10th. Nothing on the wikipedia about it, and I googled it but only got results for recent versions of it. I believe the figures are around 80 percent of browsers are IE. If anybody can pinpoint the exact date, that would be great. --UserFips 10:00, 9 Aug (PDT)

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

August 10th

I dont know who brought this up to begin with but I found it interesting.

Everybody knows by know that the SPDR countdown box says "The medium will metastasize in [some number] days".

Also by now everybody knows that to metastasize is :

<ol> <li>To be transmitted or transferred by metastasis.</li> <li>To be changed or transformed, especially dangerously: ‰??a need for love that would metastasize into an insatiable craving for attention‰?? (Michiko Kakutani).</li> <b><li>To spread, especially destructively: ‰?? [disinformation]...<i> that even now continues to metastasize... to such a degree that myth threatens to overthrow history‰??</i> (Gore Vidal). <li>Not sure if it is necessary, but the correct pronounciation is: MET-a-STA-size [WWW]Vivec</li></b></ol>

The point is on August 10th the "problem" with ilb will spread.

Now >90% of computers in the world use Windows and about 80% of those use XP.

Q&A: <pre> Q: If you wanted to spread somethin to them what would be the easiet way to do it? A:windows update auto update, of course.

Q: What is the biggest auto update that is coming out soon? A: XP SP2.

Q: When is its relase date? A: August 2004.* </pre>

<nowiki>*</nowiki>Article here [WWW]

Latley, m$ is pushing turning on auto-update as seen here [WWW]

Also of note is that today (the 6th) Microsoft sent the master of SP2 to "manufacturing"[WWW]

Isn't 4 days enough to finish "manufacturing" SP2? In my opinion yes.

This leads to the speculation that:

When the medium metastasizes it will do so by way of SP2.

August 24

Personaly, though I wrote it I dont agree with the above. It does not seem likley to me. Here is something I thought of that seems more plausible.

Service Pack 2 is the first time that the Windows Media Player "9 Series" (WMP9) will be automaticaly mass-distributed.

If you think back to when WMP9 was first introduced you might remeber that one of the first things to be used to show off the WMV seamless streaming was............

The original Halo 2 demo. (Prevent the destruction of the human race>> In progress., Earth being invaded, MC jumps into space.)

With this new re-release of WMP9 isn't it entirley possible that m$ will use this marketing strategy again and release.....

A brand-new revolutionary Halo 2 demo (possibly showing off voice recognition as guessed by some.)

Plus, with no firm date set for SP2 other than this month, couldn't this new video comeo out at 7:06AM PDT on August 24, 2004?

Thanks for reading this. Also note that all [XBox Connection]s also attach HA to m$.

post any other info or comments here.

--UserPhoenix 22:05, 6 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Okay, the metastatisis... How ever you spell it thing - little thing to add into here - in today's paper (Conviently the same day I start looking into this ARG, ne?) there was a little thing in the business section about SP2. They had a quote from an m$ rep that says that people [those that have the auto-update on] will begin to recieve SP2... In a few days. I looked at the ilovebees site again, and noticed, 3 days till the meta-ing. Theoretically, wouldn't this be under the defenition of "a few days"?

--Asute.Falcon 16:57, 7 Aug 2004 (PST)

This seems like pretty wild spec to me - we've got no IG clues pointing in this direction. Not to mention, the SP2 for XP is going to advertise itself pretty easy (works that way for monopolies) ... rather than be part of an elaborate ARG - probably will just be a [WWW]PR Release. --UserGunsmithCat 07:29, 8 Aug 2004 (PDT)
Just spoke with a buddy at M$, SP2 is due to release on Aug 9. Sorry guys. --UserTuriya 1857, 8 Aug 2004 (PDT)
Okay so that pretty much disproves the August 10th theory (which though I wrote here, someone else came up with). Now what about my (August 24th) theory. Even if the update comes out tommorow couldn't a video to help support WMP9 come out later? Also isnt 10 series supposed to come out soon?

I'd like to see some spec. on that one. --UserPhoenix 19:54, 8 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Sorry again fella's, SP2 has been released to the beta testers and MSDN on Aug 9th. MSDN is released to the public on August 10th via Auto-Update and during the week of August 16th via Windows Update.

So the metastasize could be accurate... but really... Halo2 and Service Pack 2? One is exciting, the other is just a security fix :).


Just a note, but the primary definition of "metastasize" is "To be transmitted or transferred by metastasis." Merriam-Webster lists the metastasis primarily as "(Theol.) A spiritual change, as during baptism."[WWW] Given the cancerous connotations of metastasize this could still be a bad thing, but the "spiritual" aspect lends to other theories over the release of SP2.

--UserShadows 07:19, 9 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Hi, i am just getting into this, seems interesting. I had a thought. The XNA code as advertised in OXM was supposed to be a PC and XBOX universal code that could work for both systems. Why could a game written in XNA for the XBOX not be played on the computer? Perhaps this is what they plan. Tomorrrow (August 10th) they release or metastasize the XNA code to computer systems. On August 24th either the game is released or information is released that the game will work on the XBOX and the computer. Someone please come up with some logic for the 24th because i just don't understand how that could fit.

--UserROGUEMIG 15:03, 9 Aug 2004 (PDT)

I think everyone is getting too worked up over what is probably just a clever plot device by MS and Bungie. SP2 certainly doesn't need any additional advertisement (and nothing like this guerilla campaign) but it doesn't hurt them to work it into the plot. Yes, SP2 was released to beta testers today (August 9th) but the general public doesn't get it until tomorrow (the 10th). While it could of course be nothing more than a coincidence, I imagine that MS and Bungie saw a convenient opportunity here and took it, nothing more and nothing less. Having figured it out in advance won't get us any closer to the truth but it's still an interesting development.

--UserLokim 15:39, 9 Aug 2004 (PDT)

I think most of the above is twaddle - MS's departments don't co-ordinate that well, take it from me. However, I do find it interesting that August 24th is chosen - one date every MS employee knows, the Ship Date of Windows 95. -- UserSherpa 16:20, 9 Aug 2004 (PDT)

For fun, Hideo Kijima (from Metal Gear Solid games) was born August 24th 1963... A possible Solid Snake Appearance in Halo2? Heh... -- UserScazza

Another possible link to micrososft is that the ilovebees server is running ASP.NET (HiddenLinking) --UserKender 02:03, 10 Aug 2004 (PDT)