When we started working on this puzzle game (i.e. when Steve told us about his letter filled honey bear) it was the great and Munificent SpaceBass who gave the game it's UF name - Haunted because of the random bits of text and code and more text inserted in pictures, overlaying parts of pages and that Black count down screen on the front page. Apiary because that means "Bee House."

Of course this was several days *cough* WEEKS, weeks before we had ever heard of the web site showing up in any trailer.

You are welcome to call it whatever you like, we just want to be able to have a named forum for it, because it beats calling it ARG number 5 of year 2004.

-Magesteff on the [WWW]UnForums

IRC is: #beekeepers

When it began to look as if there were a connection to HALO, SpaceBass added the words "(Let Op!)" to the name. Apparently, in Dutch "Let Op!" means something like "Pay Attention!" Mainly, though, it made the acronym for the forum H.A.L.O. Cute, huh?

<i>-- explanation lifted from this [WWW]unfiction forum by UserShadow 14:35, 31 Jul 2004 (PDT)</i>