Didn't see it posted anywhere, so here it is for people who want to check it out. Also, if this is registered as a fictitious business, then a license must have been requested in CA. Anyone got access to the Fictitious Business License database... it's all public record. (may be chasing this too far into the real world, but it might be enlightening)


Note : Efendi - Definition:
\Ef*fen"di\, n., [Turk. efendi, fr. Modern Gr. ?, fr.
Gr. ? a chief. See {Authentic}.]
Master; sir; -- a Turkish title of respect, applied esp. to a
state official or man of learning, as one learned in the law,
but often simply as the courtesy title of a gentleman.

It means Master or Chief? Obvious Master Chief reference.

Possibly not significant, but interesting nonetheless: Margaret is a name that derives (apparently) both from Latin (where it is descended from the word that means 'pearl') and Persian (tie-in with Efendi?) where it means 'child of light'. Interestingly, there have been a number of Queens (tie-in with the queen?) named Margaret, including two (15th century English and 12th century Denmark) who did some remarkable things.

Usage: English
Pronounced: MAHR-gret, MAHR-gur-et
Derived from Greek margarites meaning "pearl". Saint Margaret was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. She is the patron saint of expectant mothers. Another famous bearer was Queen Margaret I of Denmark, who united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in the 14th century.

Information about the server

Running a whois query gets:

   Domain Name: ILOVEBEES.COM
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM
   Name Server: NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM
   Name Server: NS3.MYDOMAIN.COM
   Name Server: NS4.MYDOMAIN.COM
   Status: ACTIVE
   Updated Date: 14-jun-2004
   Creation Date: 14-jun-2004
   Expiration Date: 14-jun-2009

...Some stuff...

   Margaret's House of Bees
   Margaret's House of Bees
   2370 Market Street #510
   San Francisco, CA 94114-1575

   Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
   Domain Name: ILOVEBEES.COM
      Created on: 14-JUN-04
      Expires on: 14-JUN-09
      Last Updated on: 15-JUL-04

   Administrative, Technical Contact:
      Efendi, Margaret
      Margaret's House of Bees
      Margaret's House of Bees
      2370 Market Street #510
      San Francisco, CA  94114-1575

   Domain servers in listed order:

End of Whois Information

dig returns:

;                 IN      A

;; ANSWER SECTION:          2400    IN      A

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:          259200  IN      NS          259200  IN      NS          259200  IN      NS          259200  IN      NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       896     IN      A       171713  IN      A       171713  IN      A       171713  IN      A

According to, the site is running Window 2000 and an apache server ( Apache/1.3.19 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_ssl/2.8.1 OpenSSL/0.9.6 DAV/1.0.2 PHP/4.0.4pl1 mod_perl/1.24_01 ). It's IP ( ) is owned by Rackspace.

Only the http and afs3 (andrew file system, a type of networked file system) ports are open. The rest are being filtered (blocked) and nmap identifies this for you.

Interesting ports on
(The 1390 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
17/tcp    filtered qotd
22/tcp    filtered ssh
25/tcp    filtered smtp
30/tcp    filtered unknown
36/tcp    filtered unknown
40/tcp    filtered unknown
46/tcp    filtered mpm-snd
51/tcp    filtered la-maint
79/tcp    filtered finger
80/tcp    open     http
94/tcp    filtered objcall
102/tcp   filtered iso-tsap
105/tcp   filtered csnet-ns
108/tcp   filtered snagas
111/tcp   filtered rpcbind
117/tcp   filtered uucp-path
123/tcp   filtered ntp
126/tcp   filtered unitary
130/tcp   filtered cisco-fna
135/tcp   filtered msrpc
136/tcp   filtered profile
137/tcp   filtered netbios-ns
138/tcp   filtered netbios-dgm
139/tcp   filtered netbios-ssn
141/tcp   filtered emfis-cntl
147/tcp   filtered iso-ip
156/tcp   filtered sqlsrv
157/tcp   filtered knet-cmp
159/tcp   filtered nss-routing
166/tcp   filtered s-net
178/tcp   filtered nextstep
183/tcp   filtered ocbinder
184/tcp   filtered ocserver
203/tcp   filtered at-3
215/tcp   filtered softpc
216/tcp   filtered atls
219/tcp   filtered uarps
220/tcp   filtered imap3
223/tcp   filtered cdc
236/tcp   filtered unknown
239/tcp   filtered unknown
242/tcp   filtered direct
247/tcp   filtered subntbcst_tftp
249/tcp   filtered unknown
264/tcp   filtered bgmp
266/tcp   filtered unknown
274/tcp   filtered unknown
295/tcp   filtered unknown
296/tcp   filtered unknown
299/tcp   filtered unknown
302/tcp   filtered unknown
309/tcp   filtered entrusttime
310/tcp   filtered bhmds
312/tcp   filtered vslmp
319/tcp   filtered unknown
326/tcp   filtered unknown
329/tcp   filtered unknown
351/tcp   filtered matip-type-b
367/tcp   filtered mortgageware
371/tcp   filtered clearcase
379/tcp   filtered is99c
389/tcp   filtered ldap
398/tcp   filtered kryptolan
399/tcp   filtered iso-tsap-c2
421/tcp   filtered ariel2
425/tcp   filtered icad-el
429/tcp   filtered ocs_amu
440/tcp   filtered sgcp
445/tcp   filtered microsoft-ds
455/tcp   filtered creativepartnr
456/tcp   filtered macon-tcp
459/tcp   filtered ampr-rcmd
466/tcp   filtered digital-vrc
469/tcp   filtered rcp
470/tcp   filtered scx-proxy
486/tcp   filtered sstats
488/tcp   filtered gss-http
502/tcp   filtered asa-appl-proto
512/tcp   filtered exec
514/tcp   filtered shell
517/tcp   filtered talk
534/tcp   filtered mm-admin
539/tcp   filtered apertus-ldp
546/tcp   filtered dhcpv6-client
565/tcp   filtered whoami
578/tcp   filtered ipdd
582/tcp   filtered scc-security
601/tcp   filtered unknown
603/tcp   filtered unknown
604/tcp   filtered unknown
607/tcp   filtered nqs
608/tcp   filtered sift-uft
616/tcp   filtered unknown
620/tcp   filtered unknown
633/tcp   filtered unknown
638/tcp   filtered unknown
650/tcp   filtered unknown
652/tcp   filtered unknown
665/tcp   filtered unknown
666/tcp   filtered doom
677/tcp   filtered unknown
684/tcp   filtered unknown
692/tcp   filtered unknown
697/tcp   filtered unknown
711/tcp   filtered unknown
725/tcp   filtered unknown
728/tcp   filtered unknown
730/tcp   filtered netviewdm2
733/tcp   filtered unknown
738/tcp   filtered unknown
743/tcp   filtered unknown
746/tcp   filtered unknown
756/tcp   filtered unknown
757/tcp   filtered unknown
776/tcp   filtered wpages
781/tcp   filtered hp-collector
784/tcp   filtered unknown
790/tcp   filtered unknown
791/tcp   filtered unknown
794/tcp   filtered unknown
809/tcp   filtered unknown
810/tcp   filtered unknown
815/tcp   filtered unknown
817/tcp   filtered unknown
825/tcp   filtered unknown
838/tcp   filtered unknown
846/tcp   filtered unknown
849/tcp   filtered unknown
852/tcp   filtered unknown
865/tcp   filtered unknown
867/tcp   filtered unknown
873/tcp   filtered rsync
876/tcp   filtered unknown
886/tcp   filtered unknown
891/tcp   filtered unknown
892/tcp   filtered unknown
893/tcp   filtered unknown
894/tcp   filtered unknown
906/tcp   filtered unknown
914/tcp   filtered unknown
920/tcp   filtered unknown
921/tcp   filtered unknown
922/tcp   filtered unknown
926/tcp   filtered unknown
932/tcp   filtered unknown
937/tcp   filtered unknown
938/tcp   filtered unknown
956/tcp   filtered unknown
962/tcp   filtered unknown
991/tcp   filtered unknown
993/tcp   filtered imaps
1005/tcp  filtered unknown
1016/tcp  filtered unknown
1020/tcp  filtered unknown
1024/tcp  filtered kdm
1029/tcp  filtered ms-lsa
1032/tcp  filtered iad3
1050/tcp  filtered java-or-OTGfileshare
1220/tcp  filtered quicktime
1241/tcp  filtered nessus
1354/tcp  filtered rightbrain
1358/tcp  filtered connlcli
1371/tcp  filtered fc-cli
1392/tcp  filtered iclpv-pm
1401/tcp  filtered goldleaf-licman
1416/tcp  filtered novell-lu6.2
1417/tcp  filtered timbuktu-srv1
1421/tcp  filtered gandalf-lm
1428/tcp  filtered informatik-lm
1429/tcp  filtered nms
1432/tcp  filtered blueberry-lm
1434/tcp  filtered ms-sql-m
1436/tcp  filtered sas-2
1440/tcp  filtered eicon-slp
1446/tcp  filtered ora-lm
1452/tcp  filtered gtegsc-lm
1456/tcp  filtered dca
1458/tcp  filtered nrcabq-lm
1461/tcp  filtered ibm_wrless_lan
1476/tcp  filtered clvm-cfg
1479/tcp  filtered dberegister
1483/tcp  filtered afs
1492/tcp  filtered stone-design-1
1496/tcp  filtered liberty-lm
1503/tcp  filtered imtc-mcs
1504/tcp  filtered evb-elm
1507/tcp  filtered symplex
1509/tcp  filtered robcad-lm
1521/tcp  filtered oracle
1522/tcp  filtered rna-lm
1526/tcp  filtered pdap-np
1539/tcp  filtered intellistor-lm
1600/tcp  filtered issd
1668/tcp  filtered netview-aix-8
1720/tcp  filtered H.323/Q.931
1755/tcp  filtered wms
1762/tcp  filtered landesk-rc
1763/tcp  filtered landesk-rc
1900/tcp  filtered UPnP
1992/tcp  filtered stun-p3
1994/tcp  filtered stun-port
1997/tcp  filtered gdp-port
1998/tcp  filtered x25-svc-port
1999/tcp  filtered tcp-id-port
2021/tcp  filtered servexec
2024/tcp  filtered xinuexpansion4
2026/tcp  filtered scrabble
2027/tcp  filtered shadowserver
2032/tcp  filtered blackboard
2038/tcp  filtered objectmanager
2040/tcp  filtered lam
2045/tcp  filtered cdfunc
2046/tcp  filtered sdfunc
2047/tcp  filtered dls
2048/tcp  filtered dls-monitor
2064/tcp  filtered dnet-keyproxy
2067/tcp  filtered dlswpn
2106/tcp  filtered ekshell
2601/tcp  filtered zebra
2602/tcp  filtered ripd
3064/tcp  filtered dnet-tstproxy
3086/tcp  filtered sj3
3141/tcp  filtered vmodem
3421/tcp  filtered bmap
3985/tcp  filtered mapper-mapethd
3999/tcp  filtered remoteanything
4000/tcp  filtered remoteanything
4500/tcp  filtered sae-urn
4559/tcp  filtered hylafax
4672/tcp  filtered rfa
5000/tcp  filtered UPnP
5102/tcp  filtered admeng
5191/tcp  filtered aol-1
5510/tcp  filtered secureidprop
5530/tcp  filtered sdserv
5714/tcp  filtered prosharevideo
5801/tcp  filtered vnc-http-1
5802/tcp  filtered vnc-http-2
6000/tcp  filtered X11
6002/tcp  filtered X11:2
6008/tcp  filtered X11:8
6050/tcp  filtered arcserve
6101/tcp  filtered VeritasBackupExec
6144/tcp  filtered statsci1-lm
6148/tcp  filtered ricardo-lm
6558/tcp  filtered xdsxdm
6668/tcp  filtered irc
7000/tcp  open     afs3-fileserver
7001/tcp  open     afs3-callback
7006/tcp  filtered afs3-errors
7009/tcp  filtered afs3-rmtsys
7464/tcp  filtered pythonds
8007/tcp  filtered ajp12
8082/tcp  filtered blackice-alerts
9991/tcp  filtered issa
10005/tcp filtered stel
12346/tcp filtered NetBus
13710/tcp filtered VeritasNetbackup
13715/tcp filtered VeritasNetbackup
13717/tcp filtered VeritasNetbackup
20005/tcp filtered btx
26208/tcp filtered wnn6_DS
27001/tcp filtered flexlm1
27665/tcp filtered Trinoo_Master
32774/tcp filtered sometimes-rpc11
32776/tcp filtered sometimes-rpc15
32778/tcp filtered sometimes-rpc19
38292/tcp filtered landesk-cba
44443/tcp filtered coldfusion-auth

Not sure if this is important but just a note. The animated gif's on the site have a copyright in the source/comments for Jo Graham( It's a place to get free animated gif's. that's it! -- sweetjimmy

I added a page for links on the site that are not linked to but may mean something here: HiddenLinking --UserKender 03:46, 5 Aug 2004 (PDT)