This is a scan of the top of a box of Entenmann's Honey Bunz. This image is not fake and you can prove it to yourself if you wish by checking the sweets aisle at your local grocer. What it means in the whole ILoveBess scheme of things is beyond me now, but maybe we can shed some light on this.

here is the link in case the image doesnt load HttpWwwGeocitiesComAngelkBeesmallJpg

There are marginal differences. Is it possible both bees are based off the same clip art? --UserGunsmithCat 13:45, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Marginal differences? These bees are identical. They have the same antenae flop, the same motion lines on the wings, the same feet. The only thing that looks different is the eyes and eyelids because the version we have from is really small. This is odd, but it might just be a coincidence... --UserCivman 07:58, 13 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Funny thing. I got to the homesite of Entenmann's before while doing links and comparisons through Google searches to find clues for Ilovebees. How come I didn't see the resemblence? I must have been blind - Stefan