All email interactions with responses can be found on the TheEmails page. This was created in order to keep any emails sent by players who did not receive a response from Dana.

===July=== ====Monday 19th====

<dl> <dt>Marc Mielke (Temporis) wrote</dt> <dd><p>How do you have your site hosted? Is there a commercial server hosting your site, and have they been notified? I might expect the corruption may have spread along their network, and maybe others have been having similar incidents.</p> <p>If not, my recommendation may be to take the site down entirely, delete every bit of data on your site's 'account'.</p> <p>Once done, get your computer offline for a bit (physically remove all connections from computer to phone/DSL/Cable), open your favorite web design app, and view your original website files.</p> <p>If, as I hope, your original files are still good, burn them to CD, then re-upload the site from scratch and see if similar corruption occurs.</p> <p>This strategy will also determine if the site (and by extension, the server hosting the site) has been hacked, or whether the intrusion may have somehow gotten to your private computer.</p></dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

====Monday 26th====

<dl> <dt>Eric Entin wrote:</dt> <dd><p>Hi, I'm another member of the group that's trying to help you fix the problem with your website, and a problem it is indeed! However, I was just wondering why the "Hive-Ku" page is "hivekuts.html" instead of "hivekus.html" I would think it was just a typo, but you seemed to have linked to it from other pages, such as links.html links to hivekuts.html. I hope I'm making sense. Tell your aunt I wish her luck!</p></dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

<dl> <dt>James Steele wrote:</dt> <dd><p>Dear Dana, </p> <p>During the summer, I teach a course for gifted teenagers at the local university for volunteer hours. It is about problem solving, specifically in the context of being able to look at code and find where the problems are at it. After viewing the site for a while, it has come to my attention that there are lines of code strewn about it. I am going to attempt to have them help me look at it in school today, and try and interpret what the code actually means. It does not appear to be any 'normal' programming language, at least from what has actually been seen. The commands are all entirely different. However, a certain amount of them can be judged simply by making logical assumptions. I will email you, or post on the blog, a report with what has been discovered by my students and I when I return from the class at around noon-time, eastern.</p> <p>Sincerely,</p> <p>James Steele</p> </dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

<dl> <dt>James Kunz wrote:</dt> <dd><p>Greetings Dana, </p>I'm am sorry to see the wreck that your sight has become, and some of the problems you have been having with your e-mail being hacked, and probably many phone messages left on your machine since your number got out. Not a good thing. But, I hope that I might be able to help in some way. I am currently teaming up with the group of dedicated members of society that are trying to help you out, and will offer any expertise I can.</p> <p>I do have one question though. I know that a couple members of this group have received jars of honey in the mail from your Aunts Business. I believe they were sent out about the time that your website began having problems. In the honey were the letters I L O V E B E E S, which helped to lead to Any ideas how this might have happened. The FedEx receipt the the address originating from your Aunts Business address.</p> <p>Thanks for any information,</p> <p>James Kunz</p> <p>(aka: dreck)</p> </dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

<dl><dt>UserShadow wrote:</dt> <dd>Subject:<br> Date: 7/26/2004 11:46:24 AM Pacific Standard Time<br> To: [MAILTO]<br>


I might as well jump on the already quite overloaded bandwagon and introduce myself as one of the many, many folks hoping to help you out with your aunt's hijacked website. I can't help thinking that it's more than just a coincidence that this happened at about the same time as her varrao mite infestation.

Good luck tomorrow (when "network throttling will erode")!

-- Shad0</dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

====Wednesday 28th====

<dl><dt>UserShadow wrote:</dt> <dd>Subject: Seen and skinned...<br> Date: 7/28/2004 6:21:44 PM Pacific Standard Time<br> To: [MAILTO]<br>

Dear Dana:

Please forgive me for not responding right away to your "emergency exit," but I figured you'd have a few hundred e-mails immediately, and would probably be tempted not even to bother wading through them -- especially considering you're probably busy packing right now. Hopefully this will reach you after the flood, and you will read it.

Don't listen to anyone who tries to invoke your promise to your Aunt in order to guilt you into doing something rash. If Margaret knew that the "bug" in her computer system had taken control of your webcam and snapped pictures of you, labeled them "killer.jpg," and left threatening messages on the site referring to you as an Assassin...well, I'm sure she'd be the first to say, "Just shut down the darned thing and go to China!"

(Of course, you're quite right not to tell her. No need to panic anyone else.)

By now, you know that this System Peril Distributed Reflex, or SPDR, is trying to repair something -- something big, nicknamed the Operator -- and is using the ilovebees web site for storage space. Whenever you try to repair the "damage" to the site, you destroy a little repaired piece of the Operator. The Operator looks to be an amazingly advanced intelligence, a sentient entity of some sort. She doesn't know what's happening exactly, but she knows enough to be mad at whoever seems to have been trying to kill it.

That's you.

If there were only some way that you could communicate with the Operator, make her understand that you didn't know you were hurting her, that you aren't some sort of enemy soldier in whatever war she thinks she's fighting, that you received her distress call and would help her if you knew how...

...Except that, for all we know, we don't want her to be repaired.

I think you're doing the smart thing. You and your web sites may be our only link to this thing, but our curiosity is not a good reason for you to risk this thing getting out, getting control over something more dangerous than a webcam, and making good on its threats against you. If you can continue communicating from China, I know we'd all love to hear from you -- if for no other reason than to make sure you made it there in one piece.

Please, have a safe trip.

Shad0<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved <i>all</i> of these puzzles on the <i>first day</i>.</dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

===August=== ====Tuesday 3rd====

<dl><dt>UserShadow wrote:</dt> <dd>Subject: Fwd: (no subject)<br> Date: 8/3/2004 10:44:41 AM Pacific Standard Time<br> To: [MAILTO]<br>

Dear Dana:

Hi! I hope that you are enjoying China, and that you haven't been obsessing about the state of That's <i>our</i> job.

A lot of us recently received an e-mail that we believe to be from an entity hiding in the web server. Don't panic! (I don't suppose you're a fan of Douglas Adams? Never mind.) This entity, which we call the Sleeping Princess, appears to be friendly to you and not particularly friendly to that other entity -- you know, the one taking pictures of you and posting them on the site. I thought you deserved to see it.

<i><nowiki>[</nowiki>Forwarded the entire PhaseEmailsFromLadybeeAugustRd from [MAILTO] here<nowiki>]</nowiki></i>

Of course, you'll probably get something like 846 copies of this, but better safe than sorry.

I must apologize for the odd, choppy format of the Sleeping Princess's communications. She seems to be able to use only snippets of e-mails sent to her -- we suspect this is to avoid detection by the other program that is taking over the site -- and many of us seem to have sent huge chunks of literature. (You might be amused to hear that, in prior communications, the Sleeping Princess has been quoting <u>Tristram Shandy</u>.)

Anyway, it's up to you whether to trust the Sleeping Princess, or even to believe what seems to be going on over here. But, as I said, I thought you deserved to know.

And please, at least let us know you're all right. We worry.

Shad0<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved <i>all</i> of these puzzles on the <i>first day</i>.</dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>

====Friday 6th====

<dl><dt>UserShadow wrote:</dt> <dd>Subject: Re: being persuaded to come back<br> Date: 8/6/2004 11:28:55 AM Pacific Standard Time<br> To: [MAILTO]<br>

Dear Dana:

I just wanted to join the (no doubt) endless throng of people saying "Welcome back" and "We missed you!" I also wanted to thank you for making this decision; I'm sure it wasn't an easy one. We <i>are</i> in this together, never fear.

I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what is going on right now, so I'll try to keep this brief. If you send a letter to your Aunt Margaret's e-mail ([MAILTO], it gets intercepted and read by the entity we are now calling the Sleeping Princess -- the one who wrote that e-mail on August 3, 2004, saying she likes you and asking you to return. This entity seems opposed to the one we call the Operator -- the one infiltrating your aunt's web site, and snapping unexpected and unauthorized pictures of you through your own webcam -- and she seems to have a plan to protect you.

(By the way, from the way the Operator keeps complaining about how primitive your system is and how surprised she is by things like fiber optics, along with certain other comments, we theorize that she is originally from someplace -- or some time -- that is considerably more advanced technologically. Hey, if you can believe that an Artificial Intelligence or two has taken up residence in your computer, I guess you can believe in time travel, right?)

For what my opinion is worth, I don't think it could hurt to send an e-mail to the Princess, asking her what she wants or how she thinks you can help. Again, you don't have to do what she asks. You don't even have to believe her: theoretically, this whole thing could still be an elaborate hoax by a hacker with unbelievable skills. Continued communication is still the best way to learn more about whatever is going on. I, for one, would love to see a copy of whatever you decide to send her, and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.

We'll figure this out. And in the meantime, don't just hang around your computer worrying about this stuff -- that's our job. Go out and enjoy Beijing! Climb a mountain! Explore a temple! Practice your Mandarin! Eat moo shu pork! (Can you tell I've never been anywhere near China? Yeah, I thought so.)

Shad0<br> --<br> These were the puzzles that would take a day, these were puzzles that would take a week, and these puzzles they'd probably never figure out until we broke down and gave them the answers. ... The Cloudmakers solved <i>all</i> of these puzzles on the <i>first day</i>.</dd>

<dt>Dana Awbrey <[MAILTO]> replied</dt> <dd><p>(<i>Ed: NO REPLY YET</i>)</p></dd> </dl>