Dana's email about sound:

hi Troy, thank you so much for your note of support, it's much appreciated, tonight especially. (nervous about that first countdown...) so far, so good... I mean, nothing unusual seems to be happening. I guess that's good, right? it was my aunt's idea to have the bee buzzing and queen bee piping sounds on the site. as far I can tell, they're the same as they always were... -d.

On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:05:06 -0400, Troy K. <xxx> wrote: Hello Dana,

I've been following the mishap at your site and thought that I would finally shoot you a note of support and reassurance that there are people who are working on this WITHOUT trying to hack your email/voicemail.

I have a question for you....many of us have been puzzling over the sound files on the site, and we were wondering if there is anything you could tell us about them. Do you remember where you got them? Have you listened to them recently? Do they sound different at all. Do you have any pre-breakdown originals that you could pass on via an attachment?